Mercedes-Benz goes haywire, unleashes 4 new models on Nigeria (Pics inside)


Mercedes-Benz, represented in Nigeria by Weststar Associated Limited, on Wednesday, made history in Nigeria as the first luxury car maker to unveil four new models into the market at the same time.

The world leading luxury automobile manufacturer took the market by the storm when it unleashed the all-new E-Class, GLE Sport Utility Vehicle, the V-Class multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) and GLC models, with the promise to unveil more exciting products into the market.

“The new models, which are the latest edition of Mercedes GLE 400, V 250, GLC 300 and E 200 would be followed with the introduction of other “exciting products” to meet the specific needs of the market, Managing Director of the organisation, Mirko Plath said at the unveiling.

After sales strategies

Plath believed that the design language of the brand, the determination to satisfy customer, the confidence in the firm as well as its sales and after sales strategies would continue to position the brand as a leading automaker across the world.

The new SUV GLE, formally known as the M-Class has witnessed commendable changes, particularly with an alluring front fascia that comes with new headlights, bumpers and grilles.

The transformation has led to the introduction of a coupe version which has a seductive and sporty look. While the rear features redesigned LED stripes for an improved look, Mercedes Benz said the spacious car saw it fuel consumption and CO_2 emissions reduced by 17 percent on average compared with the predecessor model series.

The variant is powered by a direct-injection twin-turbo V6 engine with spray-guided combustion, new piezo injectors and MSI multi-spark ignition, the company said.

The model, got completely revised chassis to deliver better driving dynamics and agility, especially for Nigeria road.

It also received two new steering wheel designs, one of which is reserved for the AMG versions, while, new material colors and trims are available options to contribute to a more upscale atmosphere.

The new V-Class MPV offers top class comfort, style and design to prove that it is a real eye-catcher perfected down to the very last detail for multiple purposes. Built with E-Class chassis, the V-Class performs more like a passenger car catering for the need of families and business class. It is very elegant with array of month-watering features.  The V 250 variant, which is available in Nigeria comes with 190 horsepower, and 325 pound-feet of torque. Both the exterior and the interior received super twist to make it fit for all class highend luxury.

The V-class is available with seven seats though it can be upgradable to eight seats if you need even more room for passengers.

The GLC is an improved version of the GLK, its predecessor. Its boasts on luxury competent crossover features, which may make it a great choice for singles and families as it is as sporty as a coupe.