Glo Subscribers Fume over Poor Network


While the indigenous telecommunications service provider, Globacom, has been commended for its cheapest data plans  initiative, subscribers however decry the persistent poor service experience on the network which had already compelled some customers to exit the network.

Some visibly angry customers who spoke to Market Place noted that Glo’s attractive data tarriff was probably a strategy from the service provider to entice more and unsuspecting customers to its service  in order to offset cost, having  realised its weaknesses. 

In his comments,  Oluwole Isreal pointed out that “Of all the cellular network providers operating in Nigeria right now, Glo has the cheapest data plans. The GSM network has always come to the rescue of Nigerians, introducing insane tariffs that often make other network providers adjust their plans and pricing. When it introduced its latest data plans recently,  a lot of Nigerians thought liberation had come and I wasn’t an exception.

“It’s a known fact that Glo network isn’t the best around but it is actually getting worse. I subscribed to the 24GB data plan for N5,000 and I ended up regretting this move. The network quality has been so terrible that I haven’t been able to cross 50% of the data allocation and it’s almost 20 days.

“MTN offers this same amount of data for N10,000 and I thought getting it for ₦5,000 with Glo was a great way to save some money. I was wrong.Network quality on the Glo network varies by location, everyone knows this. However, the coverage in most regions is terrible.”

Although, there had been general problems with browsing from all the networks  especially since  the introduction of  fourth generation/long-term evolution (4G/LTE)   of which many people said that  its arrival was like  a salt added to an injury, customers said that the Glo network was most frustrating  both in it data and voice services.

They added that  Globacom  present status has not been justified by performance as they do not get value for their money,hence,feel exploited. 

Effort to get the company to comment on this didn’t work out as the  series of phone calls put to its was not successful.  

(Vanguard Nigeria)