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We grew up with the notion that sex is a secret that should only happen in the bedroom. So, should we go with this flow? HELL NO. Come on, it gets boring saying Hello to the bed all the time. Sex is an art that should be created in places our imaginations take us to. So, reignite your sex life as you learn the best places to turn all your wild thoughts into reality without overthinking it.


At an event: Talk about naughty. Just imagine sneaking out of an event probably a birthday, wedding or just a Saturday Owambe to one of the bathrooms or bedrooms to get down.  Always remember the thought of getting caught increases the sexual tension and sensation, so you could try out a quickie and come back to the event as nothing happened but believe me when I say you would always reminisce on the moment. Oya hurry and try out the stand and carry position, ballet dancer position and also the doggy sex position before they catch you.
On the beach:

Talk about romance. Just imagine having sex in the sunset with sand in between your legs, the warmth and cool effect that soothes you while you engage in matters of the privates. People wouldn’t disturb you as it is almost dark so don’t; The only attention you should focus on is attention from your partner. Don’t be too adventurous though, lay a mat or towel on the sand before laying on it to prevent sand from getting where you want to get to before you do. You can even order sex on the beach drink before the act to make it more playful as you become the character you so desire. Ensure you are away from the water as well because salt water isn’t the water that goes down well with sex. You could try the G-whiz style, deck chair style, doggy style and the reverse cowgirl sex positions.

In a Cinema:

I bet this sounds like something we do in the Truth or Dare game, but cinema sex is exciting even if you can only pull off fingering. In between the high-level sounds in the room, your moaning can also add a rhythm, so long as you got the best seats which are the back seats. Ladies, make sure you wear something that makes it easily accessible for his fingers to slide through. In case you are bothered about people noticing, pick a very boring movie you know wouldn’t pull the crowd and enjoy yourselves. You can try out the hot seat sex position right here without attracting much attention to yourself.

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Sexy silhouette of a couple in bed. You might also be interested in these:

In a Hotel:
Sex in a hotel room is Bae. No cleanups after sex, imagine having ice-cream sex or food sex and all you have to clean up after the mess is yourselves? Sex in a hotel can be done occasionally because you don’t have to worry about anything as you have got room service to do all the work from delivering food to cleaning up, all you need do is worry about pleasing each other. You guys can even have sex on the room’s balcony after to make it extra spicy where you know you can get caught but can easily run into your room when you get caught. “No one knows you, so calm down and enjoy the moment.” Here, you can try out all the sex positions you have ever imagined, just be switching them as the inspiration comes.
In the car:
You must have read this in the novels, now you can also have the chance of being that character. Car sex is awesome because you don’t have much space so in between the struggle to take off your clothes or the accidental hitting of your head on the roof of the car, there is glory at the end of it all. You can do it on the driver’s seat, just slide it back and ride him or you both can get in the back seat and try other positions. If you want something snappy yet highly sensual, try this out, the painting you’d have afterwards alone would want you having yet another round. I bet you think there isn’t much to explore here but I tell you that you could try the missionary style, Cowgirl style, Faceoff style and the Speed bump sex position.
The Kitchen table:
This is a great place to have sex, the kitchen is where delicious meals are prepared, but who says you are not more delicious to your partner than that meal you are cooking? Trust me, heat and sex are partners, the heat in the kitchen alone is enough to heighten your sensitivity. So, cook up something really good in the kitchen before adding a topping somewhere else, in case you choose not to end it in the kitchen. Try out the padlock sex position but just make sure there are no sharp objects in the way, we don’t want the story changing to sex gone bad.
In the Shower or Bathtub:
Water and sex are a perfect match. You should try this out in the shower or bathtub. I would have suggested the swimming pool as well, but it makes you more susceptible to all the wrongs we don’t want in our body; that even condoms can’t save us from. The shower is a wonderful idea as water whether warm or cold dripping down your body sends this crazy sensation down your spine as it is wet and slippery or is it the bathtub sex that can send you rays of wild sex creativity? Whichever team you decide to be on, make sure you make me proud. In the shower, you can try the ballet dancer, Doggy style and the stand and carry sex position. In the bathtub, you could try out the hot seat and face off sex position.
On the sitting room sofa: 
Wonder why Kiss Daniel sang about the sofa? Watching movies, porn or just plain TV can ignite that passion for sex at times, so instead of holding it till you get to the bedroom, why not just chill overnight on the sofa? The uncomfortable effect makes sex even more daring and if you are lucky, the TV might even decide to add some juice to it by following up with some sounds that would act as your sex beats. You could try the Faceoff, hot seat, G-whiz sex positions.
On top of the washing machine: 
Have you ever seen a washing machine vibrate while in use? Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! Now imagine you and your partner on top that. Yass baby!!! To be frank, sex on a washing machine sends all the right sensations to your body and makes the act more intense than normal which is what most of us need, intense sex. When last did you get that feeling? If you don’t have a washing machine to try it out on, give me a call, I won’t mind lending you mine because I want you to try out the padlock sex position.
On the stairs: 
=Did you just say How? The stairs are not only there to assist you to go up and down, but it can also be a great place to explore your sexual desires. Here, you could try the standing doggie style, the traditional missionary style and the ballet dancer style, but be careful not to lose grip, you can use the rails or steps as support. After this mischievous act, whenever you see a staircase, down below would always be triggered with sexual excitement.
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