Best Halal Food Guide


So there hasn’t really been a proper Halaal good guide not to talk of the best Halaal food guide.

Well in this post we will be providing just what hasn’t been discussed as much elsewhere.

Why need a Foood guide?

Many people think that you don’t need a  Halaal food guide so they should not even bother searching for it at all.

Well, I think it is good to have a food guide, this is because I have learnt that Ramadan isn’t just an ordinary celebration, there are some foods that are prohibited during this period.

Well, what are these foods?

They are called Harmar Foods they are not allowed by the Islamic customs during Ramadan.

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What is a Halaal Food:

We can get what Halaal food is from knowing what the term ‘Halaal’ means.

Halaal means allowed, which means it is acceptable in the custom right?

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So Halaal food means food that is allowed or is acceptable in the Islamic customs.

Any other food than these is not accepted and will not write well of who consumes them

So see why you need a guide like this one?

You need to make sure that your halaal meals follow Islamic regulations.

Some Acceptable Hallal Foods:

  1. You can prepare a Fish that has scales
  2. Zabiha meat (either Beef or lamb meat) and also poultry meat like Chicken and Turkey.
  3. Milk and eggs of Zabiha meats (allowed animals)
  4. All vegetable ingredients except the ones that are dangerous to the system.
  5. Extracts of Zabiha meat
  6. Fruits and vegetables with grains that don’t have a negative effect on the body.

Note that your food must be pure as that is one of the things that makes your food permissible.

How to ensure your food is Halal:

The worse thing that can happen is to try your best to get halal food but due to a Glitch, it becomes forbidden.

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Below are some of the steps to ensure that your food is permissible.

  1. Make sure you read the Foods cans and container for the ingredients to make sure that there is no Forbidden food there. This is because we can not say for sure if ingredient used for producing the canned food has been changed And maybe a new ingredient may be a disallowed ingredient if we don’t check we won’t be able to spot that change of ingredients. So make sure that you check the containers.
  2. The Food Traditions of today has been influenced by the cultures and custom of our today’s world. Things changes and so do people, so you want to make sure that the new ways of doing things or new foods are not impacted by the cultures and customs of the Islamic religion.
  3. Ask your group leader if anyone has a complaint and also if someone has a special necessary requirement with his feed. You would want to know so you can meet the needs of everyone so they don’t sort out for Harmar food instead of Halal food.
  4. If you have a vegetarian in your mist, instead of giving them a meat meal which will seem bad, you should leave them a legume meal it’s a good alternative to meat meals.
  5. Make sure the cans have to Halaal certification, food label so you can confirm that the food you buy is in harmony with the Halaal food standard.
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All of the steps outlined above is to make sure that you are not banned for running this on your page.

With this, we can get good Halaal food, as this best Halaal Food guide has shown to us.

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