10 Ways To Earn Between N10,000 — N50,000 NGN Daily

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    The honest truth is that you won’t get rich overnight. But there is a lot of valuable advice, tips, and opportunities for making real money starting today.

    With a little bit of time dedication and some effort in following through the opportunities, you can make some extra money on the side every day.

    See, none of my earlier successes compare to the first day I made ₦5000 on the internet within a 13 — hour period. While it’s been a long time since I had my first ₦5000 online payday, I have learned and applied about a ton of different ways to earn money online since then. And I want to share some of them with you, one by one.

    If you’re interested in earning money online, check out these 10 ways you can earn ₦10k or more per day.

    Transcription services

    I did some transcription part time whilst I was in school. You get given a recording (nearly always just audio) of a conversation by the client (this could even be your dad) which then you’ll type up in a consistent format, word for word. You generally get paid per minute of audio, rather than how long it takes you — so initially it may take a bit longer than expected until you get used to it. Typing quickly helps somewhat, but it can’t save you from a bad quality audio source.

    I generally got audio files of marketing interviews, usually with a main speaker who is interviewing 1–3 people. I didn’t do it for too long, 2–3 months at most, as I found it quite stressful alongside schooling (I was studying Urban Planning at the time). You get strict deadlines for returning a completed transcript which has to be very accurate (or they can return it to you to improve without extra pay), the audio quality can vary wildly from source to source so it can be difficult to distinguish the different speakers.

    There was this guy I met online (Twitter) who would usually send me at least 2 audio files everyday. And I was getting paid about ₦10k — ₦30k for 10–20 mins audio file (on the lower end of the scale as I had no prior experience). Better quality audio files would take around an hour to type per hour of audio, but it slipped to 3 hours if the quality was low and if people talked over each other too frequently. It was about 50:50 whether you’d get a good quality file or not, and you generally have around 24 hours from the point of being given the file to provide a transcript. I remembered rejecting gigs because of bad audio quality.

    You can get transcribing gigs anywhere. Literally. I’ve seen transcription jobs listed on sites like Upwork, Fiverr etc. I remembered getting a job from a client on Upwork in 2016. He was a Chinese guy. The Audio was terrible because they spoke terrible English. It took me the whole day! But in the end, I delivered and got paid. And he wouldn’t stop coming back with his terrible audio files.

    So this work has its pros and cons. But definitely one of the easiest ways to earn money online every single day on your couch.

    You don’t need to look far to get clients. If you have a social media account, announce you’d be offering this service. It’s a service some people don’t know they need. So, talk on social media. People would reach out to you. You can also register on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and every other freelance site.

    We would also be giving our transcribing gigs at Noticing Africa. Details soon!

    Again, be ready to put in the work first. Everything else will follow. It requires tons of patience. It could take about 3 days / weeks / months for this to take off properly. But when it takes off, it would feel more like a 1st income rather than a second. However, ₦10k doesn’t seem half bad when considering that it’s a stay at home job.

    And don’t ever compromise on quality and professionalism! It’s very important.

    WhatsApp Product Marketing / Amplifying

    There are people on WhatsApp making between ₦10k — ₦50k posting about products, services, events etc on WhatsApp stories every day.

    It’s more like what Insta blog is doing on Instagram. They’ve about 3.5 million followers and people pay them every day to reach their new and old markets. Most businesses would willingly move heaven and earth to snag a spot with InstaBlog. I mean who can blame them, it can be a one-way ticket to positive brand awareness and increased revenue.

    This is the same for WhatsApp Marketing. And I think this is why some people are going around begging people to be viewing their WhatsApp stories.

    All required is to have a lot of story viewers (or a WhatsApp Group) and a network of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who can pay you at least 1k to put up a post for them on your WhatsApp Status.

    Think about it from this perspective. Most solopreneurs don’t have enough money for marketing because their cash flow is tight. But attention is not free. That’s why marketing exists. Without attention you don’t get anywhere. This is why businesses who don’t invest in marketing will always lose to those who do.

    So setting aside at least 1k weekly for WhatsApp marketing is one of the easiest ways to go.

    For example, about 1000 people view my WhatsApp status daily. But I’m just too busy to commercialize it. But If I posted about your product, that means 1000 people will see it. And this could drive patronage, awareness, top — of — mind etc. Do the math. It’s a good investment for a solopreneur who has so little to spend on marketing.

    If you’ve the number, this is something you could give a shot. The hardest part of your job is building trust with your viewers. If they trusted you enough to buy whatever you recommend, you’ve won!

    Do you have second language skills?

    Translation is an all at home gig, and pays pretty well (depending on the source language). My team once paid someone 200k NGN to translate a 20 — page document written in English to Yoruba.

    This also won’t bring in a ton of money overnight since you have to establish a client base like any other business, but it will be viable skills online for a long time yet. Plus the reach is global, which helps.

    One of the best places to start: Upwork.

    Try affiliate marketing

    You’ve been seeing this here and there lately right? It’s everywhere! I see all the “how I earned 6 figures in my first month being an affiliate marketer” merchants.

    Well, the barriers to entry are so small that anyone can start. But it can be frustrating — particularly if you haven’t done any affiliate marketing before.

    I’ve done it before. And I made about 2 — something million naira doing it for 2 months . I got so swamped with work that I couldn’t make time for it again.

    So what does an affiliate marketer do? Basically If I was selling a guitar for $100 and you convinced a stranger to buy 1. You’ll get $10, if our agreement was a 10% commission on a single sale. So while I’m selling my products myself. There’s ‘you’ also marketing my products for me and If someone buys it, you get a kickback.

    Your job is selling something that’s not your own so you can get a certain percentage (commission) of the sale. And you could sell through a blog, YouTube, social media, WhatsApp, email, word of mouth etc. It all depends on where your target audience spends time.

    To a lot of people, this is easy. I won’t say it’s not. But it requires a lot of skills, especially marketing / influencing skills. You have to have a significant source of traffic or you won’t make any money.

    To get people to buy, you’d have to build trust. And you’ve to do this by understanding marketing — what to say, who to say it to, how to say it, where to say it, when to say it etc. You wouldn’t want to be marketing a N100,000 solution to a N40,000 solution buyer.

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    So it’s research, marketing, sales, customer support etc. If you’ve what it takes, you can easily make millions weekly selling high ticket products like land, landed properties, expensive cars, luxuries etc.

    And you make at least ₦10k daily selling low ticket products — these are low priced products like weight loss, e-books, soap, kayamata, hair growth cream, penis enlargement cream, pussy tighter, supplements etc.

    Check out some affiliate programs in Nigeria here.

    Try Drop-shipping

    Have you heard of drop-shipping?

    It’s a method of retail where you don’t have a physical inventory. Instead, when someone makes an order, you purchase the item from a third party, and they ship it directly to the customer.

    This means you’ll never have to fork over a single dime to store your products or maintain your inventory. And you’ll never have to buy products in bulk, hoping to sell enough to recoup your investment.

    This method can be done with online selling platforms like eBay or Amazon. You can find out more about drop-shipping online. Just type something like “how I do start dropshipping.”

    Easy, easy.

    Try writing

    Listen, I write for a living. If you’re not ready to treat it like a business, don’t try it.

    Excellent writing has always been valuable, and you can make enough money if you take up writing. Example: freelance writing, copywriting, pitch deck writing, business plan writing, content writing, resume writing, eBooks, ghost writing, technical writing etc.

    At first, you will not even need the starting capital to begin your journey — the only things you will need are the skill and desire. The benefits of this job are countless, and the main one is: you will not have to go to the office — it can be done at home from your laptop with a cup of coffee.

    Later, when your business grows, you can hire other writers and start your little company. Writing , especially of high quality, is in very high demand, and it is usually difficult to find the writers who will sacrifice themselves for this job.

    So, if you have a good skill and a way with words, this is a business for you. For consulting/coaching on how to be an expert in content writing and copywriting, you can shoot an email to lolade 182 at gmail dot com.

    Some of the best places to start: Upwork, Fiverr, social media, Freelancer.com, Elance, Guru etc.

    Photography business

    Photography is a very lucrative business. Everyone wants their pictures to come out beautiful and peng, and many don’t have the required skills, so they pay people with the skills to capture moments for them. I don’t know who started the idea of doing photoshoots for birthdays, but it’s a big thing now. And you have people around you celebrating birthdays on a daily basis.

    To become a professional photographer — as in gets paid for it, you need to learn all the technical aspects of cameras, lighting, composition, etc.

    In fact, people now take pictures remotely. You can be in Lagos and your client is living in the UK. You’re just an App away to take their pics.

    The best way to learn photography are:

    Finding & going to good, reputable, classes. Watching YouTube videos. And finding people to understudy. You could also enroll on a course at shola animashaun school of photography in Lagos. There is tons of information on the internet as well. All that takes care of the technical aspects of learning.

    You also need to learn how to market yourself. Networking, putting ads in the right places, looking for ads in the right places, looking for ads that are looking for a photographer, etc. Friends and family can be very helpful in these cases.

    Take care of that. And learn pricing. And you’re on your way to getting booked by at least 2 people on a daily basis.

    These days, you can also sell your photos. Stock photography websites are huge repositories of photographs, covering almost every possible subject you could imagine.

    So how does it work? Photographers can upload their images to any one of a number of huge databases, allowing magazine editors, designers or any organization with a website to buy them. And the beauty of stock websites: Photos can be sold any number of times — so you can continue to make money without any effort. Photography sites to check out include ShutterstockPhotoshelter and Getty Images.

    Download for cash

    You can literally sell anything as a productised service. And helping people download stuff online is one. I knew someone who was doing this in school.

    You can easily make thousands by helping to download stuff while they focus on more important things.

    Easy, easy.

    Coaching / consulting / advising business

    This business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people is a lot of money depending on how experienced you are in a particular field (Sex, Relationship/marriage, Business, Accounting, HR, Networking etc) and can offer constructive advice that will help change something, achieve something, attain something or become something.

    One way to start is by using a social media platform or individuals. Once people start getting results from your advice, they will feel comfortable talking to you and at this point you can put a price on it.

    I recently discovered an App — Ear1. The app is an improvement on the DMs feature that we see in many social apps. With ear1, anyone in your field can pay a small fee and talk to you, especially if you’re the top person in your field. Think: LinkedIn + OnlyFans.

    Current DMs on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are open and free. If you’re a top person in your industry, you’d get flooded with more messages than you can answer. Then an important message gets lost in thousands of unserious DMs.

    So you can open an account and start getting paid for replying to messages. Anyone can set up an ear1 profile and set a price for people contacting them. You can collect payments in Naira, Cedis or Dollars. And the people reaching out to you can also pay in similar currencies.

    Become a narrator or voice-over artist

    Audio books are an increasingly popular form of entertainment. The convenience factor of smartphones has led to an industry boom. And that’s creating a demand for freelance narrators.

    For voiceover, it pays a lot of money for less overall time. And it entails more narration, announcing and commercial work, radio voiceovers, ads. Almost every business work with one to bring their commercial to life. And whatever voice you have, you have your place. People always think there is only demand for deep, rich voices. Nope.

    Don’t stress your vocal range so much. You have the voice you have. The important part is finding your type, and where your type can be useful. Patrick Warburton doesn’t get all the work he does because he’s versatile — he gets it because he knows his type and he delivers on that.

    Upwork has some audio-book narrator gigs, check some recently posted gigs here.

    The Bottom Line

    While these are some of the ways you can make money online, this list isn’t all-inclusive. If you need to earn more money on the side, remember to think about all the different ways you can earn money with the internet. Even if most of these don’t sound like much fun to you, chances are good that one of these ideas is perfect for your lifestyle and goals.

    Kindly note that this article was first written by Abimbola Lolade