2023: Badagry Youths Rally Support for Ogunlende, Raised ₦1.3m Within 24 Hours

2023: Badagry Youths Rally Support for Ogunlende, Raised ₦1.3m Within 24 Hours
2023: Badagry Youths Rally Support for Ogunlende, Raised ₦1.3m Within 24 Hours

Some youths in the ancient town of Badagry under the umbrella of Concerned Youths of Badagry on Saturday, 9th April 2022 drummed support for the Pioneer CEO of Real Acts of Kindness (RAK) Foundation, Mobolaji Ogunlende to raise over ₦1m for his political aspiration.



Ogunlende is aspiring to represent Badagry at the Federal the House of Representatives in Abuja come 2023.

Spokesperson for the youths, Bukola Agemo, disclosed that a sum of ₦N1,365,000 was raised within 24 hours when the account for donation was announced.


2023: Badagry Youths Rally Support for Ogunlende, Raised ₦1.3m Within 24 Hours
2023: Badagry Youths Rally Support for Ogunlende, Raised ₦1.3m Within 24 Hours

Speaking further, Agemo noted said: “We have come to that point where we all need to act to keep the hope for a better and well-placed Badagry alive; the hope of being well-represented; the hope of deserving and being given nothing but the best; the hope of having the government’s ear.

“We have come to that point where our goal is to secure, for our dear land and for ourselves, a better future.”



“Unarguably, the name Ogunlende has been etched to our hearts. We applaud his commitment to delivering a sincere and selfless services.



“Asking him to represent our interest at the Federal Level is a manifestation of our trust in his competency and proficiency.




“We believe he has what it takes to develop a Badagry Federation beyond aid. No other person can give us expanded investments in strategic sectors of economy to propel economic growth and development in Badagry Federation.



“Ogunlende is not just bringing expertise to the table. He is also bringing in quality and committed representation of his people,” she said.




“Moboloaji is the only person we can trust to manage the development and Economic growth of Badagry Federation with a much more strategic approach.





She called on on every well-meaning citizens of this great town to join hands with us and support Ogunlende because they believe he is their missing piece in the quest for relevance and sustainable developments.




Also speaking, Mr Augustine Kiki, representing Friends of RAK said that the youths in Badagry were starting a new course by supporting Ogunlende to contest for a seat in the House of Representatives.

According to him, it is time for us to take our destinies in our own hands. It is time to reshape and réorganise our political system for a better achievement,




“Overtime, Badagry had been neglected in the area of good representation and good governance that has occasion for a lot of infrastructural gap.




“It is now time for us to redesign our destinies and take action in order to make the historical city what it ought to be.




“Ogunlende is a seasoned achiever, embodiment of intelligent and content carrier, that has value for human life and society.





“We are calling on our APC leaders, the Core leaders and executive members that Ogunlende is our candidate for Badagry Constituency, in the House of Representatives,” he said.





Mr Samuel Kappo, a former Student Union leader and Youth Elite from Badagry said Ogunlende had contributed immensely to the development of Badagry as a community.




According to him, i am witnessing for the first time, an entity that is so concerned with the development of our community.

“This is the reason why the students constituency are in support of his move to contest the incoming general election,” he said.





Abdul-Salam Ashade, the Coordinator, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Olorunda Chapter, said the reign towards good governance and accountability had started in Badagry.

According to Ashade, Ogunlende has ignited a lot of people dreams to reality in Badagry division, i am one of them.





“Ogunlende has provided transformers to communities in darkness, boreholes for communities that lack water and empowered many youths and women in Badagry.





“It is normal to throw our support for a good representation,” he said.

Basit Sanapon Badaru, a former Student Union President at the Lagos State University and an indigene of Badagry said history would not forget he that turned village into city.





According to him, this is the first time in the history of Badagry that we will ever come across a man as selfless as Ogunlende.






“If we have him representing us, there is no doubt that Badagry will witness rapid development.

“Ogunlende is an angel sent by God to deliver Badagry from the hands of oppressors,” he said.

Some youth groups and associations in the briefing included the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), National Association of Badagry Division Students (NABADS), SHACO, Friends Of RAK (FoRAK), Brighter and Stronger Badagry (BSB), Artisans, RAK Ladies