Pork is a big deal across Africa.

Every year Africans spend billions of dollars on all kinds of meat products, and according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, a key agency of the United Nations, consumption of pork in Africa will grow from its current size of 3.5 million tons to 15 million tons by 2050!

With Ghana and Nigeria alone consuming over $3Billion dollars’ worth yearly, more than 80% of Pork consumed in this part of the world is imported, and that is monies that when localized would create many financial opportunities for farmers, wholesalers, retailers and the population at large.

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PorkMoney is a Pig Farming Platform located in Nigeria and Ghana that allows for individuals interested in the profitability of Pig farming but do not have the time or expertise. PorkMoney is the premier and largest pig farming platform in Africa. And core expertise on the breeding, feeding, and growing of healthy pigs which we go on to process and package for consumption!

How to Partner with PorkMoney

Partner with PorkMoney by sponsoring the purchase of Pigs and the feed for their growth. PorkMoney’s team of farm handlers and veterinarians would cater to the healthy growth and reproduction of your livestock The full-grown pigs are then chopped, processed and packaged for sale to wholesalers and our distributors. After an 11 months contractual period our partners get a 20-35% return on the capital provided depending on how much capital was provided.

Return on Capital

From N250,000 that yields a 20% return on capital in 11 Months UP TO N5,000,000 that yields a 35% return on capital in 11 Months. Partners get to chose which budget works for them.

Why Pig Farming Is where you should be!

  • Pigs are resilient and do not fall ill or die easily. This makes them a highly viable means of revenue generation.
  • Pigs give birth twice in a year, to as many as 24 piglets. So PorkMoney’s farm grows naturally by 150% yearly.
  • Pigs can grow to as much as 60-100kg and that is a feed to meat ratio that no other livestock can produce.
  • Pigs are not selective eaters as they feed on virtually everything. This makes feeding them very easy. We, however, feed them the best combinations, so they can grow to their full potential.

Our Goal

With Ghana and Nigeria alone consuming over $3Billion dollars’ worth of pork yearly, more than 80% of Pork consumed in this part of the world is imported! This means that there is more than enough room for us to thrive here in Africa.

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