Best Business School Lessons After Spending $60,000 And 2 Years On My MBA

Are MBAs worth it? It depends on many factors, like whether you have the money, time and willingness to commit. In 2015, I enrolled in...

27 Workers’ Compensation Claim Common Types Of Accidents

Workers' compensation claim: Common types of accidents When you sustain injuries while working, you can be sure that your employer and their insurer may offer...
e-Naira Is Secure, Dependable, CBN Assures Users

Why Nigeria’s Investment Horizon is Greener Than Ever

Africa, as a continent, has been on the up for some time now. Economically speaking, the surge in foreign investment has been a result of...
Helping To Create A Better Future With Startups

Why The Biggest Challenge Start-Ups Face Is Not Access To Funding

According to a report published by the World Bank, it was observed that while Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) create 7 out of 10...

The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee Around The World

October 1st is International Coffee Day. Americans love their morning cup of java, but it's not only the United States where people wake up...

Dealing with Credential Inflation: Will More Education Lift People Out of Poverty?

You probably know someone who has a ton of degrees: bachelor’s, multiple master’s degrees, PhD, and several certifications. The question you ask is that to what end...

The Five Customer Types In Nigeria And How To Sell To Them

The lifeline of every business is enmeshed in the number and interactions of stakeholders as well as their activities in relation to the business. These stakeholders...
Social Media

Social Media Marketing: Four Keys To Boost Lead Generation And Sales

In order to gain sales and increase leads, social media marketing must be fully integrated within a company’s overall marketing strategy – including search. For...
The Additional Strains of COVID-19 on Education - FBNQuest

College Degree Is Not Necessary To Get Rich. Is It Really So?

A popular view about the importance of higher education for a successful future is probably known to anyone. While growing up, we constantly hear...
Flawed VAT Sharing Formula: The laziness Syndrome Among Nigerian Governors-Brand Spur Nigeria

Flawed VAT Sharing Formula: The laziness Syndrome Among Nigerian Governors

The Federal Inland Revenue is known to collect the VAT (Value Added Tax) on goods from all the 36 states in Nigeria. The majority...
Fani Kayode: The Cow-lover And His Other Names By Akinleye Segun-Brand Spur Nigeria

Fani Kayode: The Cow-lover And His Other Names By Akinleye Segun

Would Femi Fani Kayode now wish to be called and addressed as "a murderer, a thief, a child of perdition, a man of darkness,...

How To Stop Your Customers’ Journey To Disloyalty

No organization wants to lose customers. Hence organizations always strive to prevent customer disloyalty. However, to succeed in doing so, it’s essential to first...