Top 100 Free Online Courses from the Best Universities


It’s estimated that most college graduates have over $37,000 in loans. And instead of spending money on traveling, these poor young professionals have to pay it back. It seems that education is worth a fortune.

This might seem crazy, but many well-known universities offer free online courses.

Take a look at our list of 100 free online courses from top universities. It will help you to choose!

This collection has many subjects on multiple platforms (like Coursera, Coursmos, Lynda, and others of their kind). So keep reading, and you will learn more about these exciting programs.

Let’s start!

  1. Poetry in America: Modernism at Harvard University Have you ever been interested in poetry but never had enough time to study? The Open courses Harvard portal is an excellent opportunity for you.
  1. Popular Culture and Narrative: Literature Comics and Culture at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySpiderman, Wolverine, Well, and Captain America are the heroes of our times. Have you ever thought of studying comics as a subject? Now you have the opportunity. This course gives you a chance to discover comics and literature from a new perspective. So be quick to take it, and it may change your attitude towards studying.
  1. Getting Started with Essay Writing at the University of CaliforniaEssay writing coursera website screenshotcourse can supply you with all the skills needed for being successful in essay writing.There’s an audit option for all the classes in this specialization. It allows you to get all the course materials for free. The only downside is that free online certifications are unavailable.
  1. Start Writing Fiction at Open UniversityAre you ready to take your writing to a new level? Then do it with one of the free online writing courses! After completing this course, you’ll see that online schools are worth trying.

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  1. Developing Your Research Project at the University of Southampton. The world is continuously changing, and there is always a need for research. And at college, there are research projects assigned in a variety of subjects. If you plan to start your studies, this course is for you. It will increase your awareness of the obstacles you may face.
  1. Academic English Writing at the University of California. It’s one of the free college courses online (available in audit mode). It will help make your essay persuasive and exciting to read. So, do you want to improve your academic writing? Then join Coursera and complete this course.
  1. Hamlet’s Ghost at Harvard UniversityBecome closer to the world’s classics. Discover Hamlet as one of Shakespeare’s literary masterpieces of all times.

Culture & Society

  1. Culture of Services: New Perspective on Customer Relations at Kyoto UniversityThis course will give you an understanding of what customer service is and what its culture is like. You’ll also learn how to perform customer service research. Or analyze interactions with customers, design, and critique services.
  1. How to Change the World at Wesleyan UniversityPoverty and discrimination are only some issues faced by the world. This course will help you learn more about global problems, and gives advice on how you can positively affect them.

Fashion industry fact

  1. Innovation: The Fashion Industry at the University of LeedsThis course is for fashion lovers. And for people who are interested in learning more about their favorite brands.It is one of the free online courses with certificates. After completion, you can feel free to call yourself an expert in fashion and innovation.
  1. Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance at Monash UniversityOnline classes of this course explain why well-being is essential, and attempt to change your opinion on this topic.
  1. Visualizing Japan at Harvard UniversityThe beauty and peculiarity of Japan thrill every traveler. Discover the modernity and westernization of this Asian country with one of the numerous Harvard online courses.

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  1. Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change at the University of MichiganYou’ll learn the way social workers help others. You’ll find out about the values, themes, and techniques they use. Also, the course will tell you about the strategies used to address social justice challenges. This course is proof that distance learning can bring real results.
  1. Future Cities at ETH ZurichProbably, you have never thought about a city as a complicated system that consists of interdependent components.People, buildings, and streets are all critical parts of the artificial organism. Learning more about it will help you see the future.

Future city united kingdom

  1. Sociology at Western Sydney UniversityThe lectures on “Sociology” will help you understand the behavior of people around you. And discover the pros of social sciences. Want to learn more? Online courses like this one can help you with that.
  1. Football: More than a Game at the University of EdinburghFootball, or soccer as it is known in the U.S., seems like a simple game. But this course tells more about its history, major clubs, and competition between them. It also covers championships.
  1. Journalism, the Future, and You! at Michigan State UniversityFree college courses like this will expand your knowledge of journalism. It covers all the aspects of this profession, including the ability to keep an audience’s trust.

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  1. Why We Post? The Anthropology of Social Media at University College LondonFacebook and Instagram become everyday life companions, but why do people feel the need to post? The course discovers this issue from social and anthropologic angles.
  1. Learning Online: Managing Your Identity at the University of LeedsWe spend a significant portion of our time online. Personal profiles on Facebook can influence our career and relationships with people. How should you manage your online profiles? Find answers to this and more questions by taking this online education course.
  1. An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures at Keio UniversityJ-pop, cosplay, anime, and manga are popular words in modern culture. But few people know about their history and meaning. This course will fill in these gaps.


  1. The Science of Happiness at Berkeley UniversityThis course will help you learn more about happiness and yourself. It may not expand your knowledge in psychological theory. But will undoubtedly boost your motivation and inspire you to live a life full of pleasant moments.
  1. Success at the University of PennsylvaniaDid you know that free online courses from universities can not only expand your knowledge about scientific subjects but also help you learn more about yourself? This is one of those classes that will help you learn more about yourself. And define what being successful means to you.Available through an audit option.
  1. Music Moves: Why Does Music Make You Move? at the University of OsloMusic moves online course website screenshotMany people can’t imagine their lives without music, but it is not well known how it can change mood and attitude.The course will tell you about the psychology and relationship between music and movement. And how one aspect affects the other.
  1. Ignorance! at Australian National UniversityThis course might be relevant for people of all ages. It teaches about ignorance and explains how to face it.


  1. Communicating Strategically at Purdue UniversityThis online training makes your speech efficient and teaches you how to encourage others.
  1. Business Communications at The University of British ColumbiaThis course helps you structure your speech and encourage others to share ideas in a business setting. You can consider online courses with certificates like this one as an investment in your future.

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  1. Intercultural Communication at Shanghai International Studies UniversityAnother opportunity for education without leaving home. This time it’s on intercultural communication.
  1. Introduction to Public Speaking at the University of WashingtonHere’s another course that will help you become more confident when speaking in public.

Health & Food

  1. The Ethics of Eating at Cornell UniversityThe course discovers that rules apply not only to your behavior but also to your eating habits.
  1. Midwifery at the University of New CastleThe course is for those who want midwifery to be their career. It covers the history of the profession and its meaning in modern day and life.
  1. Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World at The Open UniversityYou’ll learn how ancient Romans and Greeks approached well-being and health. All through using archaeological and literary evidence.

Food fact about protein

  1. Stanford Introduction to Food and Health at Stanford UniversityWe are what we eat. However, this course takes the meaning of this saying even further. It offers a unique blend of biology and dieting principles.

In this course, you will learn more about:

  • Food as medicine
  • Basics of dieting
  • The functioning of your organism and more
  1. The Science of Nutrition at Open UniversityThis digital learning class is another opportunity to learn more about food and vitamins. And to change your diet.
  1. Preventing Childhood Obesity: an Early Start to Healthy Living at the University of WollongongNowadays, obesity is almost as big a problem as global warming and pollution. Can you imagine that an average waistline is several times larger than it was ten years ago? Learn more about the reasons and consequences of obesity on this free online education platform!
  1. Human Anatomy at Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHuman anatomy course edx website screenshotThis course will tell you more about your body parts and organs. Unlike other online courses on a similar topic, this one is worth checking out because of its simplicity.
  1. Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us at the University of PennsylvaniaThis course reviews body systems and their work. It explains how their functions influence vital body signs. The course will also discuss how to measure those signs accurately.

Career & Business

  1. Marketing in the Digital World at the University of IllinoisThis course requires only four weeks to be completed. You’ll gain insights into the most potent sphere of the modern business world–digital marketing. You should join!
    1. Career Brand Management at State University of New YorkThe labor market is competitive, especially, for young professionals. This course will help you become a successful future manager.You can get the course materials for free through the audit option.

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  1. Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters at State University of New YorkHave you just graduated from college and are now starting your career? This course will help you design a CV that will give you a head start.
    Course available for audit.
  1. How to Apply to College at the University of Pennsylvania
    Applying to a college is an important step to make, and no one wants to fail it. The mentors of this course will guide you through the admission process. They will help to prepare for the challenges of getting into college and campus life.

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  1. Career Options: Exploring a New Career at the University System of GeorgiaChanging careers is always a challenge. Professionals of this course will help you build a career plan and design a new cover letter.
  1. Kickstart Your Career: Getting Ahead at University at the Queensland University of TechnologyMany young professionals face the challenge of starting a career after graduation. In just two weeks, this course will boost your knowledge of career opportunities and yourself.
  1. Competitive Strategy at Ludwig Maximilian University of MunichThe course will teach you the way organizations and businesses act in situations where they need to make strategic decisions. You’ll also learn what strategies companies choose to stay ahead of the competition. It’s available for audit.
  1. Becoming an Entrepreneur at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBecoming an entrepreneur edx website screenshotAre you planning to start your own business? This course will guide your start-up and supply you with the necessary business skills. Classes like this prove that online universities are just as good as traditional ones.
  1. Introduction to Accounting at The University of British ColumbiaAre you studying business or marketing but want to learn more about accounting? This course will help you understand the differences between financial statements.
  1. Introduction to Marketing at the University of British ColumbiaCompanies pay careful attention to colorful packaging and create exciting advertisements. But, how do they make these decisions? This marketing course will reveal the answer.

Business office

  1. Global Business in Practice at Georgetown UniversityFree online classes for this course are for people interested in international business. If you want to know how business functions in the world—try it.
  1. International Hospitality & Healthcare Services Marketing at Yonsei UniversityThe course will uncover some of the significant aspects of the healthcare and hospitality industries. It will help those who want to dedicate their career to working in this sphere.


  1. English Composition at Arizona State UniversityDo you want to improve your English skills but have no time or money to attend classes? Then, this opportunity is for you. It will teach you how to express your thoughts in essay writing.
  1. Learn English: Intermediate Grammar at the University of CaliforniaLearning English on your own may be a challenge. But not with free English classes online like this one. It will help you master grammar, learn new rules, and review old ones.The course is available for audit—you can get all the course materials for free.
  1. Conversational English Skills at Tsinghua UniversityAre you learning English but do not have enough practice? Free online courses will teach you how to express your ideas and communicate politely.

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  1. Academic and Business Writing at Berkeley UniversityThis is another opportunity to boost your language skills and grammar.
  1. Chinese for Beginners at Peking UniversityAre you interested in Chinese culture or planning a trip to this Asian country? Then, this free online school course is for you.
  1. Introduction to Italian at the University for Foreigners of SienaOnline learning gives you an opportunity to learn a new language—it’s Italian this time!
  1. Basic Spanish 2: One Step Further at the Technical University of Valenciabasic spanish online course edx website screenshotYou can discover Spanish as another option.
  1. Introduction to Norwegian at Oslo UniversityAre you interested in exotic languages? Then, education for everyone offers you an opportunity to learn the language of the country with the most beautiful landscapes.
  1. Introduction to Korean at Hanyang University
    These lectures help you discover Korean language and give verified certificates (paid option) after its completion.

History & Politics

Framing: How Politicians Debate

    1.  at the Delft University of Technology

Free classes of this course will reveal the tips and tricks that politicians use to convince their voters.

  1. Innovation: The World’s Greatest at the University of LeedsAre you a history enthusiast? Learn more about innovation and discover historical events from an entirely new angle.
  1. Hollywood: History, Industry, Art at the University of PennsylvaniaAre you interested in filmmaking, arts, and history? Learn more about the most influential player in the movie industry, Hollywood, and its path to success.

Skeleton comparison human monkey

  1. Human Origins at Arizona State UniversityWithin two months of starting this free online learning course, you’ll find out more about the history of humankind. You’ll also learn the stages of evolution.
  1. The Ancient Greek Hero at Harvard UniversityAncient Greece is known for its legends and novels such as “The Odyssey.” However, the Greek heroes are different from the modern Superman and Batman. So discover Greek culture and more by taking this course. Or try other free courses from Harvard University listed here.

First law that protected copyright

  1. Top 10 Social Issues for the President’s First 100 Days at the University of PennsylvaniaThe course gives you an opportunity to view the problems of the country from the perspective of the president. Can you believe that you will be discovering social issues and learning how to rule the country?
  1. World War I: A History in 100 Stories at Monash UniversityFree online courses and education give you an opportunity to listen to real-life stories about the era of the First World War.
  1. Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree at the University of StrathclydeThis practical online course will help you learn the history of your family and discover your roots. Who knows, maybe one of your forefathers was a king!
  1. Rome: A Virtual Tour of the Ancient City at the University of ReadingRome a virtual tour of the ancient-city future learn website screenshotWith this free online course from the top university, you can feel the very atmosphere of the ancient Roman Empire.
  1. The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry at the University of California, Santa CruzThe Holocaust was one of the most terrifying historical events. With these online studies, you can discover the causes and consequences of this tragedy.

Science & IT

  1. Introduction to Big Data at the University of San Diego

Online programming courses of this kind will help you to:

  • Understand problems with Big Data and its structure
  • Describe 5 Vs
  • Get a glimpse of programming, and even more.
  • This is one of the IT courses online you can’t miss.
  1. Programming for Everybody at the University of MichiganBeing a programmer may be one of the dream professions today, but coding looks like a complicated science. TheUniversity of Michigan will help you to learn the magic of Python in 2–4 weeks. Feel free to check these online courses in programming.The course is available for audit.

Minecraft videogame screenshot

  1. Video Game Design: Teamwork & Collaboration at Rochester Institute of TechnologyThe course will explain the roles of video game development teams, and business and support teams. It will uncover the process of making, marketing and selling a video game. Also, you’ll learn backgrounds of game designers and how they interact with each other. We bet that there aren’t many online college courses like this one.
  1. Question Everything: Scientific Thinking in Real Life at the University of QueenslandThe concept of the theory is the basis of science, but everyone knows that it is practical. This course will help you learn more about the ways of using science in real life. Check EdX for more free online college courses.

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  1. Basic Physics at Swinburne UniversityWould you like to discover the basics of physics and its rules with the Open2study platform? You’re welcome to apply here for free!
    1. Climate Change at Macquarie UniversityHere you’ll learn about the changes happening to our planet. Do you want to stop global warming? Feel free to join.
      1. Global Warming Science at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyIt’s another one of the online college classes about climate change. It explains their causes and consequences.

A resilient future science and technology for disaster risk reduction edx website screenshot

      1. A Resilient Future: Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in LausanneYou’ll learn about the emerging and existing technologies designed to help with disaster risk reduction. The course will also tell you about the limits and challenges of adapting and accepting technologies depending on the region.
      1. Advanced Chemistry at the University of KentuckyThis one is just for you if you’re looking for online chemistry courses. Discover the magic of chemical reactions and boost your knowledge in this mysterious science.
      1. From Atoms to Stars: How Physics Explains Our World at National Research Nuclear UniversityPhysics is an intriguing science that helps us understand natural laws. Discover everything from micro-world to the structure of the massive galaxies in this 4-week online physics course.

Star sky photo

      1. Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe at the Australian National University
        Despite numerous studies, the universe has many riddles to solve. This course will guide you through the unknown of astrophysics and slightly open the veil of mysteries.
      1. Artificial Intelligence at Columbia UniversityRobots are now a reality! You will learn not only about the history of artificial intelligence but also how to make algorithms. All within three months. Distance education isn’t a problem with courses like this.
      1. The Science of Everyday Thinking at the University of QueenslandThis course will teach you how people think and make decisions, and it will help you improve your memory.

Different kinds of atoms fact

      1. DNA and Atoms: The Secret of Life at Seoul National UniversityThese lectures will explore human bodies from the micro level. It will also reveal the secrets of the smallest but the most crucial component, DNA.
      1. Introduction to Actuarial Science at Australian National UniversityHave you ever heard of an actuary? Surprisingly, the specialists of this unknown science were ranked as the most necessary ones. This course will expand your knowledge in finance, banking, risk management, and other sciences that involve financial calculations.
      1. Introduction to Biology: The Secrets of Life at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySolve the puzzles of the human body and nature with the help of this introductory course to biology. It will expand your knowledge about genomes, DNA, and molecules.
      1. Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics at Columbia UniversityThese online classes will help you understand how to make random samples and calculations.

Arts & Design

      1. Graphic Design at the University of ColoradoThe first impression is essential, and the professors of this course understand that more than anyone else. After this course, you will:
      • Make interesting presentations
      • Use a unique blend of colors and shapes to create reports
      • Attract visitors to your website, and more

Available for audit.

      1. World Music at James Cook UniversityYou may enjoy this online course for music enthusiasts. For those who aren’t just passionate about music, but also about new cultures. This is one of the online art courses you should try.

Developing your musicianship coursera website screenshot

      1. Developing Your Musicianship at Berklee College of MusicThis course will introduce you to the basic approaches and concepts in music. It will allow you to perform, create, and understand contemporary music.
      1. The Architectural Imagination at Harvard UniversityDid you know that architecture can tell us more about culture, customs, and traditions? The Harvard online learning portal will help you discover the beauty of architectural forms. You’ll also examine the historical meaning of the buildings.
      1. Principles of Designing for Humans at Michigan UniversityAre you interested in design? If so, this course will help you learn more about it and create a model that will grasp the attention of your audience.

Interior of La Fenice in 1837 Original at Museo Correr

      1. Introduction to Italian Opera at Dartmouth
        This course is for opera lovers. For those who are passionate about Italy and want to learn more, try this open culture portal.
      1. Introduction to German Opera at DartmouthDo you enjoy opera? Then, learn more about those from Germany.
      1. Introduction to Music Theory at Berklee College of MusicHave you always been interested in music but never had enough time to attend classes? With free courses online it is possible, and you can learn more about making your tunes.
      1. Animation and CGI Motion at Columbia UniversityDiscover the process of animation and filmmaking with online courses for free. The course will teach you the core concepts of creating lifelike animations. Through this, you’ll understand the science behind all the processes of movie animation.

Interesting photography fact

      1. Cameras, Exposure, and Photography at Michigan State UniversityThis course will expand your understanding of modern photography. It will also teach you the basic concepts and skills needed to create your masterpieces.
      1. Explore Film Making: From Script to Screen at National Film and Television SchoolThe course tells you about film production, and you can discover more history of this industry with highbrow.
      1. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics at Berklee College of MusicDo you want to create your own song? Don’t know where to start? This course will introduce you to songwriting and teach you how to write lyrics.

Economics & Law

      1. Trade, Immigration, and Exchange Rates in a Globalized World at IE Business SchoolSometimes, a college education is not enough to understand economics. This course will expand your views on international trade and tell you more about globalization.
      1. Economic Growth and Distributive Justice – The Role of the State at Tel Aviv UniversityThis free education course will teach you to understand economic issues. Measure and define poverty and inequality. Find a connection between economic growth and inequality, and much more.

International humanitarian law edx website screenshot

      1. International Humanitarian Law at Louvain UniversityDiscover how international law works, and you will learn how to claim justice in any country worldwide.
      1. Personal Finance at Purdue UniversityMoney shows our social status and prosperity. This course will teach you how to save it to make your dreams come true.

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