About Us…

Think about insights and intelligence for brands and Brand Spur Nigeria comes to mind.

This is a digital magazine whose sole purpose is to enhance the strategic decision-making process for brand managers and owners through the provision of daily market intelligence which cuts across different marketing activities.

As brands continued to spend and talk loud, Brand Spur Nigeria serves as the pool from which they can be monitored effectively to achieve that competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our goal is to tell your brand stories like never before and help you narrow down the options to the most insightful activities that can impact your brand.

Brand Spur Nigeria exists to help manufacturers, brand managers, owners, and entrepreneurs sustain their efforts ahead of the competition through the provision of daily strategic intelligence which will help them find their footing in the rowdy marketplace.

We share insights on pertinent issues ranging from the economy (inflation, commodity prices, forex policy etc.), agriculture, brand events,activities, launches and promotions across different sectors including FMCG, telecoms, banking, automobile, travel, tourism etc.

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