Who We Are

Brand  Spur Media and Marketing Services is an award winning and leading media, marketing and training services provider in Nigeria; adjudged to be the producer of Nigeria’s Number 1 online brand insight magazine. We are a team of storytellers, content creators, scriptwriters, media managers, strategists as well as brand and marketing solutions provider. Brand Spur delivers quality marketing solutions that helps generate leads, convert and retain customers.Our capabilities are steeped deeply in research and creativity with focus on ensuring adherence to the values of our client’s brand or business, while delivering a stellar customer experience and engagements across all platforms for them whether online or offline. Our focus is providing solutions that will aid your business growth through consistency.

Think about insights and intelligence for brands and we come to mind. Our service is to avail you with current and up to date information on happenings in Nigeria across different sectors of the economy…

What We Do

This is a digital magazine whose sole purpose is to enhance the strategic decision-making process for brand managers and owners through the provision of daily market intelligence which cuts across different marketing activities. As brands continued to spend and talk loud, Brand Spur Nigeria serves as the pool from which they can be monitored effectively to achieve that competitive edge in the marketplace. Our goal is to tell your brand stories like never before and help you narrow down the options to the most insightful activities that can impact your brand.

In the past few years, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet and surpass client’s expectations; as a core believer in referral, making the right and lasting impression through our services is very important to us.

Our Philosophy

Brand Spur Nigeria exists to help manufacturers, brand managers, owners, and entrepreneurs sustain their marketing efforts ahead of the competition through the provision of daily strategic intelligence which will help them find their footing in the rowdy marketplace. To help you to keep moving towards your brand or business goal is our key driving philosophy, partner with us today and experience a new world of media and marketing services.