Average price of 1kg of yam tuber increases to N255.586 in Mar’ 17 from N215.55 in Feb’ 17


Selected food price watch data for March 2016 reflected that the average price of 1 dozen of Agric eggs medium size increased year-on-year by 50.38% and month-on-month by 1.45% to N527.69 in March 2017 from N520.16 in February 2017 while the average price of piece of Agric eggs medium size(price of one) increased year-on-year by 40.80% and month-on-month by 2.39% to N43.93 in March 2017 from N42.90 in February 2017.

The average price of 1kg of tomato increased year-on-year by 29.63% and month-on-month by 13.53% to N268.64 in March 2017 from N236.62 in February 2017.

The average price of 1kg of rice (imported high quality sold loose) increased year-on-year by 55.00% and month-on-month by 1.98% to N418.71 in March 2017 from N410.58 in February 2017.

Similarly, the average price of 1kg of yam tuber increased year-on-year by 63.40% and month-on-month by 18.70% to N255.586 in March 2017 from N215.55 in February 2017.

Click Here to Download Average Food Price Watch (March, 2017) Report

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