Gems Communications Limited, a technology driven out–of–home display company that connects advertisers to consumers on–the–go with strategically located standout structures, has in recent times decided to ensure that the company provides the required TRAFFIC DATA REPORT for her premium sites after the completion of its magnificent 300m2 LED screen (E-VISUAL) and Trivision posted 10m above the ground in the city of Lagos (along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway) to advertisers.

In addition, as a reassurance of the maximum value these out- of-home structures deliver, the company is working tirelessly using the latest technology to deploy the tools, mechanism and software designed to capture, record and analyze these traffic data on all of her out-of-home structures pan Nigeria.

A quick look at the TRAFFIC ANALYSIS REPORT below reveals that our magnificent 300m2 delivers maximum value for every kobo spent and it cuts across all Socio-Economic Classes (A – as they travel to a city like Ibadan for social and religious events, Class B, C and D – as they travel from their owned and rented apartments to work and other areas of Lagos State).

This masterpiece displays its awesome and stunning illuminative effect along the only major artery (lat-6º37’50.88N and Long 3º 21’52.55E) that connects the city of Lagos, the economic nerve center of the nation, with the popularly known Lagos Island and other states of the federation. Being the busiest city with over 20,000 vehicles travelling daily round the clock along this major route, the E-Visual (LED screen) is powered to run daily to meet the needs of advertisers of ideas, services and brands.

The E-Visual (LED screen) with a P-20 technology makes use of an advanced user friendly billboard software for real time performance monitoring, brightness monitoring, remote LED calibration, rapid anomaly detection, data storage and reporting.

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