Axe Falls On 54 Companies As NBC Withdraws Their Radio Licences


The regulatory body, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has wielded its axe against 54 companies, revoking their radio licences with immediate effect, The Nigerian Expression can authoritatively report.

Sources at the NBC told the publication on the condition of anonymity, that the provisional FM radio licences that the commission offered to the companies in 2015 were revoked after they either failed to pay the licence fee or commence operations within the stipulated time frame.

”’The law guiding the award of provisional licences is very clear. Once granted the licence, you have 60 days to pay for it and a two-year period to come on air,” the source, a very senior official at the Commission, told the publication.

”It then means that if you fail to make payment within the stipulated time or could not come on air within two years, the licence offered to you is automatically revoked.”

The 54 affected companies constitute the first batch of licencees that will be affected as the Commission, under a new, vibrant leadership, commences a mass review of the award of licences, especially FM Radio licences.

The Nigerian Expression reports that cases involving another batch of 124 companies are being reviewed. In fact, it was learnt that the companies, most of which actually paid within 60 days of being awarded their licences, may have their licences revoked for failing to start operations within the stipulated time.

”These new set of 124 companies will be given a few weeks’ notice to commence operations or lose their licences,” the source said.

Another review being carried out by the NBC involves FM radio stations that are operating outside the set criteria, especially the capacity of their transmitters.

”’No FM station can operate with over 2-kW transmitter. However, the situation currently is such that a number of FM stations are operating far above the stipulated transmitter capacity.
”We are going to give all affected stations a deadline to revert to the stipulated 2-kW capacity or lose their licences,” the source said.

Below are the names and location of the 54 companies that have lost their licences:

1. Simonis Ventures Ltd. Enugu
2. Ryan Robinson Ltd. Aba.
3. Rui FM Ltd., Benin
4. New Ideas Communications Ltd, Abakaliki.
5. Kevin Ejiofor Associates Ltd. Enugu
6. Heros Security Services Ltd. Lagos/Port Harcourt
7. Crown Integrated Pull Ltd. Ondo.
8. Salama Radio Media Ltd. Kafanchan.
9. Wright & Daniels Ltd. Owerri.
10. BOB TV Ltd. Enugu.
11. World View Broadcasting Services Ltd. Owerri.
12. New Age Communications Ltd. Kaduna/Plateau.
13. Bliss Broadcasting Ltd. Kaduna.
14. Moore Entertainment and Production Ltd. Benin.
15. Omicof Dynamic Concept Ltd. Benin.
16. Heritage Broadcasting Ltd. Yenagoa /Ibadan/Warri/Enugu/Uyo/Calabar/Kaduna/Owerri/Makurdi/Kano/Ekiti/Yola/Abuja/PH
17. Yuma Consult & Associates Ltd. Abeokuta.
18. I’Moving Ltd. Abeokuta
19. Flamingo Press Ltd., Abeokuta
20. Arabo Telecom Nigeria Ltd., Kano
21. Ryan Robinson Ltd., Uyo
22. Dazzling Communications Ltd. Yenagoa/Onitsha
23. Sahel Merchants Nig. Ltd. Daura.
24. Greenhouse International Ventures Ltd., Abuja/Lokoja
25. Aman Media and Comm. Ltd. Asaba
26. D.O.M. Communication Ltd. Yenagoa.
27. Chocolate Media Ltd. Jos.
28. Mustasons Broadcasting and Communications Ltd., Minna
29. GOA Broadcasting Links Services Ltd., Omu Aran.
30. MPS Global Services Ltd., Abeokuta
31. Xeus Nigeria Ltd., Calabar
32. AMX Logistics Ltd, Otukpo.
33. Oscar Mamman Benjy Nig. Lttd., Kano/Katsina/Sokoto
34. DBL Prime Media Nig. Ltd., Abeokuta/Ibadan/Calabar
35. Global Falcons Nig. Ltd., Ibadan
36. Stella Constellation Group Ltd., Kano/Enugu
37. Cardinal Media Ltd., Warri
38. Vista Inter. Nigeria Ltd., Osogbo
39. Impactplus Comm. Ltd., Abeokuta
40. Rosenbek Nig. Ltd., Port Harcourt
41. Okisi Integrated Ltd, Owerri.
42. Corporateman International Ltd., Epe.
43. Riverdale MultiMedia Ltd., Ijebu Ode/Okene
44. Integrated Signalling and Telecoms Ltd., Owerri.
45. E-Tech Dev. System, Keffi.
46. Rhembel Holdings Ltd., Akure.
47. El-Shamah Ventures Ltd., Osogbo.
48. Echorok Nig. Ltd.,Ibadan.
49. Arc Broadcasting Services Ltd. Ngwo/Enugu
50. Eil Ephesians Investments Ltd., Lokoja.
51. Multimesh Communications Ltd., Calabar/Lafia/Yola/Ibadan/Ondo/Jos/Makurdi
52. Afrimedia Global Partners Ltd., Kaduna
53. Doja Radio, Jalingo
54. Cosmo-Built Nig. Ltd.,Owerri.