This is where Brands get influencer marketing wrong


Whats the idea of influencer marketing?

The idea is simple,  use your influence to drive awareness and actions towards a cause,  product, brand,  mindset and even opinion.
Brands majorly use social media influencers to drive awareness and Conversions for their products a d services, which is good,  but many brands get it wrong when they dictate all of the content of the influencer..  Turning the influencer into a copy and paste promoter.

Influencer marketing works best when a brand briefs her influencers and also inform them of the dos and donts of the campaign.  From the brief,  every influencer should be smart enough to create his or her own content that would be organic and resonate among their audience…

Take for example,  a cocacola campaign…  If you have a travel influencer,  entertainment influencer,  business influencer,  political influencer,  sports influencer and so on.

Each should be able to present the campaign from the perspective of their influence… Not everyone having the same content and repeating it across everyone’s timeline.

In this case you can see a travel influencer saying : i cant imagine leaving for a trip without 2 cans of cocacola

The entertainment influencer : music,  cocacola  and ice…  What a time to be alive

Business influencer: cant wait to get off the long day and sip some cocacola

Political influencer : the government wont kill one,  a bottle of cocacola will go a long way right now

They have all in one way promoted the brand,  but from different perspectives not all of them pasting content created by one campaign manager who wrote it from no single perspective of influence.

This would even diversify the campaign than make it look sponsored from head to toe.

I hope many brands and digital agency adjust in 2017 and tweak how they handle influencer marketing

(Femi Factor)