7 Reasons Molfix Diaper is Best For Your Baby


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All mums will agree that ‘A happy baby equates a happy Mum’. At Molfix Diapers, we believe that babies are the leaders of tomorrow and keeping them happy and free goes a long way in fostering their development. Our diapers guarantee these and so much more because of its anatomic structure and other features detailed below:

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1. Special Umbilical Cord Notch, which seats below your newborns umbilical cord, allowing it to be aerated and heal properly. Available only in new born (size 1)

2. Extra absorbent green layer, soaking up all your baby’s pee

Leak-proof barriers, to prevent leakages of any sort

3. Super elastic side bands, giving your baby freedom of movement and also allows the diaper adjust to your baby’s changing tummy size as they feed. No need to re-adjust

4. Breathable back sheet, allowing free flow of air and prevent diaper rash

5. Soft Top sheet, which is friendly with your baby’s skin and very comfortable too

6. Colorful designs, to give your little ones wardrobe some zing!

Molfix diapers are available in 5 sizes – Newborn, Mini, Midi, Maxi & Junior.

So, be a smart mum by using the right diapers! Get Molfix diapers for your precious babies now and join the Mo clan. You’ll thank us later. We’re taking over Nigeria, one baby bum at a time.


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