Facebook imitates Snapchat yet again, launches ‘stories, camera filters’


After imitating several Snapchat features, Facebook has gone one step further in its attempt to clone the video-sharing platform.

Facebook has launched a feature which enables users share stories with friends and see what friends have been up to.

After 24 hours, posts in Facebook ‘Stories’ disappear forever – just like Snapchat.

Facebook has also introduced ‘Direct’ and ‘Camera Effects’.

Direct is a new inbox for direct messages. It allows users to share disappearing photos and videos with one or multiple friends and/or reply to friends’ stories.

Recipients can view the photo or video once and respond, after which the original disappears forever.

The Facebook camera effects functions the same way Snapchat filters.

The social network platform is rolling out several special effects, like masks, frames, and interactive filters that users can add to their photos.

Branded filters from movies will also be available on the camera effects.