Product Name: Virony Smart Lady Sanitary Pad

Highlights: 30 pieces in a pack (18 days, 7 nights and 5 panty liners), extended wings to prevent leak and reusable pack

The first time  I saw the Virony sanitary pad, I was attracted to its fine packaging.  The way the pad was packaged made it look so classy and attractive that I thought it would be really expensive. It appeared so classy and feminine. If someone had told me the whole pack would cost ₦3500, I wouldn’t have objected.

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I was mildly shocked when I realised the whole pack costs N650 only. So, I became curious. I wanted to be sure that this fine product would deliver its promises. Alas! Virony pad delivered beyond my expectations. When I tried it out, I felt so dry and comfortable in it. I slept like a baby with no worries.

Virony sanitary pad comes with 30 pieces in a pack (18 days, 7 nights and 5 panty liners). The pad boasts of extended wings that prevent leaks. It is highly hygienic. Virony sanitary pad is not just about the pads but also about the lady. The pack comes with several other useful items such as a reusable pack that can be re-used as a make-up bag, etc.

One thing I also love about this sanitary pad is its light and dry feel. The pads are very flat so I don’t feel as if I am carrying a burden. It has no bulk or bulge when used. A pack contains enough pads to use without having to buy a second pack during a period. So, it is really perfect for both light and heavy flows.

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Virony sanitary pad also comes with panty liners so you don’t have to buy that separately and you don’t have to waste a pad for just a few drops in those last days. I am so excited I found out about Virony sanitary pad and I intend to continue using it. You should try it out too.