Big Cola Nigeria enters Nigeria’s energy drink segment with Big Volt


Having shown its strengthen in the soft drink segment of the beverage category with Big Cola brand, the company has planned yet another disruption with the energy drink segment by introducing Big Volt.

The launch took place in a boat within Lagos waters, where dignitaries in movies, music and media were treated to an unforgettable moment. According to the brand owners, the move is to sensitize the market with a new energy drink ‘Big Volt, which is expected to ruffle the feathers of some established brands in the segment.

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Speaking at the launch, the brand manager, Theo Williams said the new drink is an exclusive drink that is produced for an ordinary Nigerian to renew it strength after a long day at work.

He emphasized that, producing this kind of drink is to make our consumer feel that they can rely on us for any drink of their choice. Hence, we make them also feel energy drink is affordable without competing with other expensive drinks in the market.

Williams however explained that the brand however now have a different size, shape and taste from other existing energy.

He said, producing this new brand is not about being the biggest in the market rather, it provide masses the opportunity to feel the good taste of quality.

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Williams further expressed that “I don’t want to be the biggest but I want to give a bigger product that would thrive so that every Nigerian citizen can afford to buy, also people could appreciate the content.”

We have change the face of our soft drinks from every other in the market. Also, our product are as well affordable for an ordinary man on the street, he added.

Williams however advises it marketers to be sincere in the rate at which the new product will be sold to the consumer, while he added that he thinks 20 per cent discount is enough rather than sell at a higher price that would reduce the sales. Meanwhile, he appreciated their consistency, commitment and their support over the years.