Data gathering mobile app makes debut


In its drive to promote expertise in data collection, survey and interpretation, GETJAMA Limited, a data solutions company, has introduced a new mobile application. This, they say will help individuals and businesses in the country answer the questions required to deliver actionable results.

The application would also harness the growing availability and affordability of smartphones and Internet to improve data authenticity.The Data App can be used for product engagement and sales monitoring, mystery shopping, merchandising and audits, as well as market survey and research.

To get the App or join the conversations, individuals and organizations are expected log on to and set up a profile or download the JAMA App from the Google Play store on the Android phone.

Speaking in Lagos during the launch of the first wellness survey on sexual assault powered by the JAMA mobile platform, the Head of Product, GETJAMA, Fope Akinmola, stated that the JAMA mobile application is a data gathering solution that uses the power of over 70 million mobile phones in Nigeria to deliver real time insights, whilst providing a platform for participants (Jammers) to earn redeemable rewards.

“JAMA is excited to launch the JAMA mobile platform; transformational platforms that will help businesses answer the questions required to deliver actionable results.”

It gets you information when you need them and how you need them as clients determine the demography of their respondents. JAMA is passionate about understanding people, committed to leveraging mobile technology and the power of 70 million mobile phones in Nigeria”, she reiterated.

Explaining the competitive advantage which the App offers, she said, “Jammers are motivated by getting paid for their survey, opinions and responses and cashout ant any time, multiple and cost effective subscription levels, ability to collect image and video, submissions via App or mobile Web platforms, free sign up, and no special skills or preparations required. These and many more are what our special application gives to our public”

Akinmola reiterated that the company is passionate about understanding people and is committed to using mobile technology to engage in a way that is natural and delivers powerful actionable insights.

“GETJAMA Limited is a data solutions company with a vision to empower Africans through mobile services and products that promote economic growth, social change, and enriched experiences. Intrinsic to this vision is defining and creating services for the next billion Internet users”, she added.

Commenting at the event, Ugochukwu Nwosu, Project Lead, JAMA wellness survey and Business Manager, GetJama, noted that the JAMA wellness survey focused on sexual health and leveraged the power of the JAMA mobile platform to engage and listen to Nigerian males and females in a way that is natural on a very difficult and often polarizing topic.

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