Knorr Cube leads seasoning market in Nigeria


Knorr Cube brand, a product from the stable of Unilever Nigeria Plc, is currently the leading brand in the seasoning market in Nigeria.

A recent market survey conducted by MARKETING EDGE, shows that the top three seasoning brands are Knorr Cube, Maggi Star and Chicken Flavour.

The survey reveals that Knorr Cube is the most expensive and the most patronized, selling at N550, while Maggi Star, from the stable of Nestle Foods, and Chicken Flavour are sold for N450 per pack respectively.

Other brands such as Royco sells at N400, Doyin – N400, Onga – N250, Suppy – N400, Mr.Chef -N300 and Ric Giko – N350 among other seasoning brands  in the Nigerian market.

BGL Research and Intelligence, a foremost investment banking company in Africa, estimated that the seasoning sector is worth N14.7 trillion. It also put the total national demand for various types of food condiments and seasonings at 5,475 tonnes per annum.

A Value Fronteira’s Food Seasoning report shows that the market potentials maintains a continuous growth with long list of brands produced locally and abroad competing for market share.

The survey reveals that over 60% of consumers prefer Knorr Cube to other brands as their number one seasoning flavour.

Mr. Godwin Ike, owner of Ike Store at Ipodu Market, Ikeja, said that Knorr Cube as a seasoning brand leads the pack presently despite the stiff competition in the market.

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He said: “We have many brands of seasoning cubes in Nigeria today. As a trader, I discovered that over time consumers have come to love Knorr Cube and it has become their preferred brand.

“In fact, I sell large quantities of Knorr Cube more than other brands. I stock some brands for longer times without customers buying them off. But Knorr moves faster in the market, followed closely by Maggi Star and Chicken Flavour”, he explained.

Mr. James Onus, the owner of Chibuzor Restaurant, Ikeja, said that he prefers Knorr Cube because of its unique seasoning flavour, adding that Knorr Cude gives good taste to his cuisine, thereby, attracting more consumers to patronize his fast food restaurant.

He said: “I have been using Knorr Cube for a long time. It gives you tasteful and quality foods. Many people patronize my restaurant because of the quality of the foods”

Knorr Cubes, after it was bought over from Cadbury Nigeria by Unilever, has remained a force to be reckoned with as the leader of the market. Knorr, Maggi and Chicken Flavour are seasoning brands that have deepened and engaged various activations to sustain their market shares.