BHM and Brentt Consulting Announce the Release of Nigeria PR Report 2016. Download Here


Today, we launch the second edition of Nigeria PR Report put together by our research and intelligence division, in collaboration with independent market research firm, Brentt Consulting.

This edition includes topics ranging from annual industry revenue to top skills needed for entry into the PR industry. The report was prepared for the use of agency CEOs, brand managers, students, teachers, institutions, journalists, consultants, regulatory bodies and researchers.

Following feedback from the inaugural report, research was carried out in two stages: quantitative research was pooled from an online survey which adhered specifically to the ESOMAR Guideline for Online Research, while qualitative research was derived from focus group sessions and individual interviews covering four PR stakeholder groups namely Staff, Agency CEOs, Media and Clients.

The online survey was sent out to approximately 200 respondents between October and December 2016 while 40 participants were invited for the focus group sessions. 192 people started the survey but 67 filled and completed the process. 24 people attended the focus group sessions. Majority of respondents were sourced from Lagos state, the focal PR industry location.

Here are some highlights from the report:

Nigeria PR Report 2016

1 – Most PR agencies are micro and small enterprises…

2 – More than 40% of PR agencies in Nigeria are less than 5 years old. This is because most firms die out in the early stage of business.

3 – The average PR spend on campaigns in 2016 was between N6 to $10 million – an indicator that most PR firms may be one-man agencies.

4 – Banking and finance was recorded as the predominant income source for the PR industry in 2016.

5 – The most popular service offered by PR executives in 2016 was digital/social media marketing – a skill that also includes advertising.

6 – For entry into the PR industry, respondents claim content creation and media relations are very important skills.

7 – The top 5 campaigns of 2016 mentioned during focus group discussions and interviews for Nigeria PR Report2016 include

  • Ebony Life – The Wedding Party (2016)
  • Pepsi – Long Throat (2015)
  • Star (Beer) – Star Football League (2016)
  • Airtel – Data Is Life (2016 / 2017)
  • Mirinda – Three Orange Men (1990s)

Other crucial subject matters explored include tools and methods for gauging success of PR campaigns, names of all PRCAN certified agencies in Nigeria as well as new and existing agencies in the process of being certified by PRCAN; challenges, threats and perceptions for improving the industry.

Speaking on the release of Nigeria PR Report 2016, Founder and CEO of BHM, Ayeni Adekunle noted, “Different industries are making great use of data, As PR practitioners, it is imperative that we are at the forefront of crafting our narrative and enhancing the processes of communication by making use of the goldmine of big data available to us. We are confident about the future of PR here and abroad, and doing the Nigeria PR Report annually is a demonstration of our organization’s belief in what is possible. “

We’re grateful for the support of CEO of Brentt Consulting, Lola Talabi-Oni, President of African Public Relations Association (APRA) and Group Chief Executive of CMC Connect, Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, COO ID Africa, Femi Falodun, Marketing Manager of Interswitch Group, Olawale Akanbi and Dr. ‘Bisi Olawuyi of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan and others who made the creation of Nigeria PR Report 2016 a success.

By 4pm today (Thursday, April 20, 2017), Founder and CEO of BHM, Ayeni Adekunle will be responding to questions concerning #NigeriaPRReport2016 via Facebook Live and Periscope (Twitter). We look forward to comments on the report and suggestions for improving future editions.

Ayeni Adekunle will be responding to questions concerning #NigeriaPRReport2016 via Facebook Live and Periscope (Twitter)

The goal of Nigeria PR Report is to purposefully place Nigeria on the global marketing communications map by producing annual analyses and giving significant insights that can help build a world class industry. Continuous research and open discussions will never cease to play a crucial role in developing the Public Relations industry.

Download Nigeria PR Report 2016 here.