Airtel’s Life’s precious moments – 4 reasons this ad touches the hearts of Nigerians


I stumbled on this ad by Airtel, one of the leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria few hours ago and I was enthralled while it lasted. As a Nigerian, family is at the heart of most of the things we do and the ad’s narrative carefully weave the plot while nudging our emotional core as a people.

Despite our huge cultural differences; one of the common thread that bind us together is that communal living. That is why an Igbo man will not hesitate to travel all the way from UK to Ihiala in Anamabra State, all in a bid to be with his extended family during a festival.

Nigerians cherish and treasure the family – that is what majority of our ads are about, however, Airtel took it steps beyond the usual family plots to reveal the importance of data in ensuring that the bond remained strong no matter where are.

This ad has generated over 250,000 views on Youtube and 1.3million views on Facebook; Four reasons, this ad tugs at the heart of an average Nigerian includes:

  1. Going local or touching base with our roots – Tapping into the recent growing trend of ‘going local’ as many Nigerians especially youths are beginning to appreciate our culture and the need to stay true to self.
  2. Crisp and clear story telling; no ambiguity.
  3. The beautiful use of old time reality of how fathers are always proud to talk about their family members and boast of their accomplishments to their peers and friends.
  4. Blending entertainment with education; informing Nigerians about one of the core importance of Facebook.
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Written by: Adegboyega Ajayi (Brand Enthusiast and Innovation Analyst)