Google Maps Now Tells You Where You Parked Your Car


Always forget where you parked?

A new Google Maps feature has you covered. Google (GOOG) officially rolled out the new feature on Tuesday, which it reportedly beta-tested for Android users last month.

Tap the blue dot showing your location to see an option to save your parking place on the map. A label will pop up showing where you parked your car.
By tapping on that label, you can open up a “parking card” to add additional details about the parking spot. Users can save an image of the spot and send their parking location to friends.

Last November, Apple (AAPL,  Tech30  ) launched a similar but automatic parking-detection tool for Apple Maps. If iOS users connect their iPhones to their cars using Bluetooth, their parking spots will be automatically added to the map with a pin when they disconnect and get out of their car. Google offers a similar feature for iOS owners using Google Maps.

Credit: CNN