Ciroc Cicle Nigeria Hosts Media Personalities with Roger Bonds


It was indeed a fun and enlightening night on Thursday, April 27th at the Velvett Lounge and Restaurant, as the newly inaugurated CÎROC Circle alongside Roger Bonds, an Atlanta-based lifestyle specialist and CÎROC global influencer hosted celebrated media personalities to a close knit and specially curated dinner to accentuate CÎROC’s luxury lifestyle.

Consisting of Celebrity stylist and designer Swanky Jerry, Multi-media personality Folu Storms, Fashionpreneur Ochanya Lawani, Events guru Onoja Adole, and Superstar publicist Andrea Giaccagila, The CÎROC Circle is a group of social influencers who capture the scene of celebration amongst everyday consumers and make CÎROC a centrepiece of their special occasions.

Ciroc Cicle Nigeria Hosts Media Personalities with Roger Bonds - Brand Spur

The CÎROC Circle is known for their embodiment of the CÎROC values through their various lifestyles, encouraging people to emulate them by celebrating the good life, success and achievements in the best of ways. Akin to the top cosmopolitan cities around the world such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Beverly Hills and Ibiza, Lagos and other cities in Nigeria will not be an exception as the CÎROC Circle will take their peers and Nigerians alike on thrilling and elevating experiences.

While speaking at the unveiling of the CÎROC Circle influencers, Joe Nazzal, the Head of Reserve at DIAGEO said ‘With about six years of operation in Nigeria, CÎROC has continued to celebrate people who depict the luxurious lifestyle and the CÎROC Circle is an avenue to continue this way of life…The CÎROC Life’ .

Ciroc Cicle Nigeria Hosts Media Personalities with Roger Bonds - Brand Spur

The event which commenced at about 7 p.m. saw guests dressed beautifully and welcomed with a fabulous assortment of CÎROC Summer cocktails whilst savouring the lavish selection of favorites from appetizers to sumptuous desserts.

In responding to one of the questions asked during the interactive Q&A session, Bonds who has represented the CÎROC brand for over 5 years has attended several high class shows, events and parties alongside other hugely celebrated American celebrities with who he exhibits the opulent and enviable lifestyle that CÎROC exudes, said ‘CÎROC has been around since 2007, and my joining the family in 2011 has been of utmost importance to me and the brand as I have been able to showcase a lifestyle everybody wants to be a part of’.

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Ciroc Cicle Nigeria Hosts Media Personalities with Roger Bonds - Brand Spur

The Celebration continues tonight as The CÎROC Circle and Roger Bonds will be at Escape Night Club to begin their CÎROC club tour!