Redeemer’s University Scientists Build Ebola and Lassa Fever 10 Minutes Test Kits


– Redeemer’s University reportedly developed rapid test kits for Ebola virus and Lassa fever virus

– The university claims the test kits can detect the disease in the human system within 10 minutes

– The Ebola virus RDT is said to have been approved for use during epidemics by the World Health Organisation Some scientists at the Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun state have patented two rapid diagnostic test kits for Ebola virus disease and Lassa fever virus.

The test kits were patented by scientists at the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID) of Redeemer’s University The test kits, according to the university are so fast, the disease can be detected in the human system within 10 minutes. The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Debo Adeyewa, said the school had established a network of pathogens hunters in Nigeria and Africa by training scientists in the field of genomics.

Adeyewa announced this during the signing of a memorandum of understanding on infectious disease surveillance and control between the ACEGID and the Lagos state government. He noted that the partnership was to strengthen the capacity of the Lagos state government in infectious disease diagnostics and epidemics preparedness,

He said: “Redeemer’s University ACEGID researchers discovered two novel Rhabdoviruses (EKV-1 and EKV-2). “The centre also developed and patented two rapid diagnostic test kits for diagnosis of Lassa fever virus or Ebola virus in biological fluids. “The World Health Organisation and the United States food and drug agency have approved the Ebola virus RDT for use during epidemics.”





(Naij, NAN)

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