Bauchi State to Tax Churches and Mosques


Bauchi State Government has made a decision to start registering and taxing all religious organisations, Punch reports.

The Commissioner for Religious Affairs and Community Relations, Baba Madugu, said data of all churches and mosques is being gathered. He made this known while speaking on the achievements of the ministry since 2015.

He mentioned that the Bauchi State government had spent N95,111, 300 for Quranic recitation competitions annually in the last two years.

He also said the details of these worship places will help the State to centralize all the religious activities, improve security and political benefits and this will in turn promote maximum service delivery.

“The ministry intends to embark on the registration of worship places and taxing beneficiary organisations who benefit from the services of the government. It also intends to undertake the survey of all places of worships (mosques and churches) throughout the state, including their addresses and contacts for security and political reasons. The ministry intends to solicit the centralisation of all religious activities so as to achieve maximum service deliver,” he said.