Lagos State recorded 45,385 crime cases in 2016 – NBS


Crime Statistics on reported offences reflected that a total of 125,790 cases were reported in 2016. Offence against property has the highest number of cases reported with 65,397 of such cases reported. Offence against persons recorded 45,554 cases reported while offence against lawful authority and local acts recorded the least with 12,144 and 2,695 cases recorded respectively.

Lagos State has the highest percentage share of total cases reported with 36.08% and 45,385 cases recorded. FCT Abuja and Delta State followed closely with 10.48% and 13,181 and 6.25% and 7,867 cases recorded respectively. Katsina State has the lowest percentage share of total cases reported with 0.10% and 120 cases recorded. Abia and Zamfara States followed closely with 0.29% and 364 and 0.38% and 483 cases recorded respectively.

It is pertinent to state that offence against persons are those offences against human beings e.g. murder, manslaughter, infanticide, concealment of birth, rape and other physical abuse while offence against properties are those offences against human belonging, properties of any kind e.g. stealing, receiving stolen properties, obtaining property by false pretense, robbery, burglary and house breaking. Offences against lawful authority is any offence commitment against any establishment of the law e.g. failure to pay your tax (FIRS) amounts to an offence against lawful authority and Offences against local acts are those offences committed against laws that we cannot enforce outside Nigeria.

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