PZ Cussons urges fixing of petro-chemical industry, unveils deodorant line,


MANAGING Director of PZ Cussons Plc, Alex Goma, says fixing the petro-chemical industry will go a long way to ameliorate the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, as it launches three new deodorant variants to the market. The deodorants variants are: Japanese Spa, Softly Softly, and Active. He made this assertion at the unveiling of the products in Lagos, saying, “once we fix our petro-chemical industry it will go a long way to ensure that packaging some of the organic components of the materials required by the manufacturing industries will be in place.

On local content infusion, he stated: “If you look at the product, a lot of the raw materials are imported that is outside of our control. However, there are certain industries that are partly developed that make it easier for us to have local content.” On bringing the perfumes to the Nigerian market late, he said: “We have quite a number of products in our portfolio and sometimes it takes a lot of time to develop a product into category  and imperial leather as you all know has been the lord’s brand in this market and one of the distinctive things about imperial leather is the fragrance.


We believe that the expertise we have boosts our credentials as a master perfumer allows us the opportunity to enter into the fragrance market.” He noted also that the unveiling of the products also coincides with government’s request time we (manufacturers) have to go into local production, adding, “PZ is also one of the few organisations that actually own a fragrance house. That is why we say, grafted by master perfumers.   We see it as the right time for us to bring a global brand and manufacture it here and ensure we meet the needs of the Nigerian consumer.”

Charles Nnochiri, PZ’s Regional Head of category for Africa, who said the deodorants are extension of  Imperial Leather  soap, added that with  Imperial Leather  as a trusted brand in the market, PZ will be riding on this trust to the market to provide quality and affordable products to consumers.