Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion


Box braids have been one of the most popular protective styles for African hair. There are several advantages that make box braids the ideal choice of a protective hairstyle: most importantly, their low maintenance, durability, and versatility.

Today, when box braid hairstyles are rocked by hundreds of celebrities, more and more Nigerian women want to try this hairstyle. Find out what box braids are and check out the trendiest box braids styles right now!

1. What are box braids?

The easiest way to spot box braids is to look at the way the hair is parted: for box braids hair should be parted into equal squares. The size of the squares depends on the desired thickness and amount of braids and can be different for different hair types and volume.

Although box braids are pretty effortless in maintenance, they are still a rather complex hairstyle to create. Depending on the amount of your hair and the skill set of your hairstylist, the process of creating box braids can last anywhere from 2 to 12 hours. Even if the procedure may be tiring for everyone involved, in the end you will be rewarded with a trendy and cute hairstyle.

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

2. Everyday box braid styles

It’s true that box braids look awesome even when they’re simply falling down your shoulders, but when you get bored with that style or want to get the hair off your neck during heat, here are some of the coolest ways to style your box braids for everyday wear.

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

A scarf is the best friend of any girl with box braids, as it allows you to style it into a beautiful retro-inspired bun in a matter of minutes. Get several scarves in colors that match the color scheme of your wardrobe and you’ll never struggle with your hair again!

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

A half-updo hairstyle is the perfect compromise for the times when you want to wear your braids loose but still enjoy a beautiful hairstyle. Gather the top part of your braids in a loose bun, secure with hairpins, and let the lower part of the braids flow freely.

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

If you decided to opt for thick braids, the best big braid hairstyle you can try is making a loose bun with a twist on top of your head. Let your thick braids act as a crown for your face and look as regal as you’ve always wanted to!

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

One of the hottest kinds of jumbo box braids hairstyles that have recently come into fashion are short braids. If you wear your hair in a bob or have always wanted to get shorter hair, now is the perfect time! Decorate your braids with metallic beads or other box braids hair accessories for an extra stylish touch.

3. Box braid styles for a special occasion

A great thing about jumbo braids is that they can be worn not only with casual outfits, but also during the most special occasions, including weddings. If you want to style your hair for a special occasion, you’re going to need some hair accessories for braids like beads, flowers, and hairpins.

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

A side twist looks sophisticated enough for a wedding, but is actually pretty easy to create. Pair it with matching makeup colors and you’re guaranteed to make an impression!

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

If you want to feel and look like a queen, there is no better option than to use one of the most summery hair decorations for braids: a flower crown. This hairstyle works perfectly for many different outfit styles and events.

Box Braids Styles For Every Occasion - Brand Spur

If you’re a bride looking for a way to style her big box braids, here is a foolproof option for you: a low bun is super easy to create, but it gives your whole look a sophisticated finish. Plus, it can be easily combined with a veil or other bridal hair accessories.