Discop unveils plans to expand its film, TV, digital content market franchise into Nigeria and East Africa by 2019


(DISCOP) – BASIC LEAD, the organizers of the region-centric DISCOP markets, today unveiled plans to encourage more business with and between the rapidly growing countries under DISCOP’s watch and representing 75% of the world’s population.

Two new DISCOP markets will be added by the end of 2019: one in Zanzibar (2018), centered on East Africa’s fast-rising independent film, television and digital content production sectors; and one in Lagos (2019) centered on Nigeria, one of the world’s most promising entertainment single-market ecosystems alongside China, India and Indonesia.

DISCOP markets exists since 1991. At first, they helped companies in the entertainment industry explore opportunities in former Soviet Union Republics. With markets in Abidjan, Dubai and Johannesburg, they now help these companies and many other more buy, sell and coproduce multi-platform content in 115 fast expanding countries where new technologies, modern infrastructures and rising disposable income fuel growth.

Movies and TV programs have always been part of the fabric of the countries we cover with DISCOP. What is changing is the ability for broadcasters, pay-tv platforms, mobile operators and on-demand video services to monetize the consumption of entertainment content, and for local producers to feed an immense appetite for homegrown entertainment.” Says Patrick ZUCHOWICKI, founder of DISCOP. He adds: “These countries will represent in the next five years 35% of global wholesale licensing revenues derived primarily from intra-regional trade. By then and with five DISCOP markets a year, we expect to draw 6,000 delegates, three times more than we do now.

DISCOP Zanzibar and DISCOP Lagos will have their own personality, format and agenda. Cross-cultural bridges will be built between these two new markets and the ones in Abidjan, Dubai and Johannesburg. Identical research, promotional, meetings organization and travel planning services will be provided to all delegates.

DISCOP Zanzibar is partnering with the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), that is about to celebrate its 20th edition. The inaugural DISCOP Zanzibar will take place during ZIFF 2018, creating the ultimate film, television, digital event in East Africa.  ZIFF Festival Director, Fabrizio Colombo, explains further, “As ZIFF celebrates its 20th anniversary, we could not be more excited to partner with DISCOP, the most respected name in African content markets. This partnership is an important milestone for the development of the East African multi-platform entertainment content production industries, and will be instrumental in driving this often-neglected market forward. DISCOP Zanzibar will be a unique event, as unique as the island of Zanzibar itself.”

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More information about these new developments will be made available at a press conference to be held on Friday 27 October, the last day of the 2017 Johannesburg edition of DISCOP (25|27 October).

Launched in 2012, the Johannesburg market has become the world’s number one destination to acquire and co-produce content “Made in Africa” and sell international film, TV series, adaptation rights, digital content and packaged TV channels into Sub-Saharan Africa. 1,000+ acquisition, development, production and distribution executives from 70+ countries will converge to Johannesburg for three days of deal-making, knowledge-transfer and networking opportunities. 250+ public and commercial broadcasters, cable, satellite and mobile pay-tv operators, streaming services servicing the fast-growing Sub-Saharan marketplace will also be in attendance seeking innovative content, fresh ideas and cross-border projects. With the success of German cold-war thrillers inspiring international broadcasters and streaming platforms to commission German-language shows, Germany will be honored as the DISCOP Johannesburg 2017 “Guest Country”.