MAXGo: 1st Ever Motorcycle Transportation App In Nigeria!

0 launched a mobile app for motorcycle transportation, the first ever in Nigeria; MAXGo. MAXGo will provide Lagosians with the ability to book a motorcycle ride from their mobile phones. Just like car-sharing app UBER, you will be billed per kilometer.  Details of your rider and his motorcycle will also be sent to your device.

Benefits of MAXGo

The benefits of this service are endless. The existing motorcycles, popularly known as Okadas, are unsafe, reckless and banned in many parts of Lagos. MAXGo motorcycles have 200cc engines and will operate without the restrictions applicable to Okadas. All riders, motorcycles are inspected and vetted before they can join the network. This ensures the security and safety of users. will facilitate the following;

  • A real-time electronic system to track and monitor all approved motorcycle operators
  • Proper hygiene, security and responsible usage of facilities at all motorcycle parks
  • Provide a booking system to ensure standards are adhered to amongst all riders
  • Adequate background checks and management of all motorcycle operators

“Motorcycle transportation has potential but poor implementation has thwarted its efforts. MAX will help solve the problem with professional management and technology integration,” says Chinedu Azodoh, co-founder. “MAXGo will provide jobs for youths in Lagos, which will, therefore, result in fewer people on the streets”.

How To Make Money With MAXGo

Just like similar apps, Nigerians also have the opportunity of cashing out by joining the Champion/Partner network. It’s very easy to join; simply sign up as a rider (Champion) or a motorcycle owner (Partner). “There’s a huge opportunity for Nigerians to make money by joining the network,” Lanre Sonola, Chief Marketing Officer – added. “The market is far wider with MAXGo; users avoid traffic, pay pocket-friendly rates and enjoy security. It is also a lot easier for partners to join the network, with their motorcycles.”

Signing up is absolutely FREE. Visit our website for more information on how to sign up;

Champions –

Partners –

Lagosians can look forward to this service in the next couple of weeks while partners & riders have already begun signing up.

Other services in the stable include; MAXNow which offers pickup & delivery services all over Lagos with a 3-hour delivery guarantee (N65/km) and MAXEats, a food ordering app that allows users to order food from their favorite restaurants with one click.