ChurchBoiz Is Helping Nigerians Share And Discover Gospel Music


Secular music is circling Nigerians like a hurricane. It is in our faces that even those who don’t fancy it have no choice than to listen to it. And there are so many gospel artists who do not get the same media attention, unlike their secular counterparts.

Hence, many lovers of gospel music are always searching for platforms where they can discover, download, listen and even share their genre of music.

Well, gospel music lovers do not need to look further anymore as ChurchBoiz has launched to help Nigerians discover and share gospel music.

Founded by Victor Abbah Nkoms on March 25th, 2017, ChurchBoiz has a catalog of music or songs from different gospel artists notwithstanding their region, ethnicity or language.

The catch here is that it is free to download! However, we are wondering how ChurchBoiz is making their money. Do not worry this question and more will be answered by the founder and CEO of the startup. Watchout!

In the meantime, lovers of gospel music should visit ChurchBoiz to download their favourite gospel songs.




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