Ubi Franklin has launched an app for laundry service called Instantpickup

Instantpickup app, is an easy to access app that provides users with an efficient, real-time and easy service.

Ubi Franklin has launched his mobile laundry app, Instantpickup app. The app which is readily available to all Android and IOS users is one creative idea, brilliantly executed one would agree.

Instantpickupapp, is an easy to access app that provides users with an efficient, real-time and easy service as regards picking up dirty laundry, to delivering the laundry to any of its partner laundry outlets and finally delivering the laundry back to the customer after it has been duly attended to.

instanpickup app

Much like an Uber app for Laundry services, the Instantpickup app can be used once a person has downloaded and installed the app on their Andriod or IOS phone. The customer then signs up and can search for nearby laundry outlets, track his/her laundry, customers can make quick orders and track their orders. The app also comes with exciting features that include; discount offers, 24hour delivery service, and instant notifications.

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The Instantpickup app launch in Lagos.

With about 31 partner laundry outlets within Lagos and Abuja, Instantpickup renders laundry pickup services, makes sure laundry is done and delivers it back to the customer in real time.

Speaking at the launch and reveal of its brand ambassadors, Ubi Franklin, CEO, Instantpickup app revealed that the app was built by a group young Nigerian techies with a passion for solving problems with their in depth knowledge of technology. Ubi also said that creating easy and effective solutions with his personal approach and the use of technology has been a passion as it creates an environment for better living.

Ubi hopes that the it will serve as an encouragement to young entrepreneurs in the tech space. Instant pickup service will also be expanded to Abuja with the launch set to launch in the First week of August.

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