5 things you didn’t know about your tires


Your tires are arguably one of the most important components of your car. A faulty tire could spell a lot of problems for not only your safety on the road, but the safety of other roads users. But what could be worse than a faulty or worn out tire though? How about owners with an array of misconceptions about tires. Jumia Car is sharing 5 important things you probably didn’t know about your tires.

1.  Did you know that even if you exceed the maximum pressure, your tire will not burst. A good quality tire can withstand a substantial amount of pressure from within, even sometimes exceeding the maximum without bursting. However, and older or low quality tire may burst if put through the same condition, this is why it is advisable to always keep your tires in good shape.

2. People often believe that budget brand tires are just as good as name brand tires. It is true that some budget brands and name brands share the same manufacturing companies. But did you know that manufactures spend less time running tests on budget branded tires than the premium tires from the same manufacturers. Budget tire brands perform tests that are just enough to pass safety inspections and requirements. Nothing more, nothing less. In the grand scheme of things, you get what you pay for.

3. You’ve probably heard that the more tire tread equals more tire life. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is not always true that deep treads will last forever. It is true though that lower quality tires have shorter life spans because the rubber on the tires degrades fairly fast. Because tires need the heat produced by friction on the road while in motion, the longer a cars tires sit, the quicker it degrades. Friction on the road provides flexibility and prevents the tires from cracking.

4. A common misconception when it comes to tires is that you can use your tires for a certain amount of time before replacing them. You may not know this but tire wear and tear depends on varying factors including the driver, how many kilometres is being driven and on what type of road conditions. Harsh weather conditions, speed and aggressive driving can all play a critical role in the life of your tires. 

5. Last but not least, most people believe that the maximum pressure listen on your tire is infact the proper inflation. Did you know there are two maximum pressure ratings listed on your car? One is on the tire and the other is listed on the drivers side door jamb. While the manufacturer has a maximum pressure rating, most times car makers are required to override this rating.

Are there things we should know about tires that aren’t on this list? Share them with us!


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