Selected Petroleum Statistics: Nigeria Produced 656.8m Barrels of Crude Oil in 2016


Selected Petroleum Statistics from 2012 to 2016 revealed that 656,804.59 barrels of crude oil was produced in 2016 as against 777,492 barrels produced in 2015 while 771,444.96 barrels of crude oil were exported in 2015 as against 773,833.13 barrels in 2014 with Nigeria’s crude oil reserves put at 37,453m in 2016.

A total of 2,711,803,306.10mscf of gas was produced in 2016 as against 3,003,179,000.00mscf of gas produced in 2015 while 2,404,095,858.60mscf of gas was utilized in 2016 as against 2,672,247,000.00mscf utilized in 2015. Gas flared in 2016 was put at 29,648,382.48mscf.

57,437b/d of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, 260,787b/d of Petroleum Motor Spirit, 144,654b/d of Household Kerosene, 200,114b/d of Automotive Gas Oil and 283, 632b/d of fuel oil were recorded as finished products from domestic refineries in the year 2015.

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