Is Cornflakes and Milk good option for breakfast?


I am a big fan of Deepika Padukone.

I was not happy when I saw her promoting ‘Special-K CornFlakes.

Anyways, I am not here to judge, but to provide with science-based evidence on why I stopped eating corn-flakes many decades back.

I think ‘Cereals’ provide a fantasy of a healthy breakfast.

People eat them because they are marketed as ‘healthy food’ fortified with vitamins (synthetic mind you) and the most important of all reasons :


Late for work— just put in some flakes, add milk and voila “A supposedly healthy breakfast for you”

Is it so?

Well, the truth is hidden from you.

The’Main’ ingredients of corn flakes are:

-Milled Corn


-High Corn Fructose Sugar

Special-K has Rice, Sugar and High Corn Fructose Sugar.

Fab* Tip: Never look at the front of box to check what is inside the cereal box. Marketers have become savvy and they know their customers will look when buying their products.

Always look at the ingredient list. Usually the first three ingredients will make up more than 90% of the product.

*Fab= Name of my company is Fabulous Body so I was like let me try this..:)

Not much difference, it’s just marketed that way, with a famous movie star saying that they lost weight in following a corn-flake diet…hmmm…well…

For starters, lets understand few things about High Corn Fructose Sugar & Sugar:

Sugar has high glycemic index and can play havoc with your health.

It can cause belly fat [1], cancer, metallic syndrome and type-2 diabetes [2].

High Corn Fructose is metabolized in your liver and is equally harmful like sugar if not less!

Death By Sugar” is indeed not an overstatement as points out Dr Robert Lustig. If you have an hour on hand, watch his video. He is well known for his research on what sugar does to the body.

Bottomline, eating these sugar-laden cereals is the worst way to start your day, more so for your kids.

Unfortunately, the marketers of cereal companies target the kids.

I still remember, me buying these expensive cereals not because I was dying to eat them, but because I wanted those cartoon characters that came Free with these boxes:(

Good Alternatives to eating a healthy breakfast:

Whole egg with Whole-wheat (or sprouted bread)

Here is how my breakfast usually looks like:

Oatmeal made with Whole Milk:

Final Note:

If you are hell bent on eating cereals than do this:

Choose the one with the least amount of sugar

Add whole cows’ milk

Add seeds like flaxseeds, and nuts like almonds and walnuts.

This will add protein and healthy fats, which will slow down gastric emptying, give you that feeling of fullness and there wont be any blood sugar drop. The overall glycemic load of the meal will drop significantly and so does the amount of insulin released.

Less insulin means less fat storage.

Written by: Akash Sehrawat, Founder at Fabulous Body Inc (2016-present)

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