The Nigeria Gaming Industry: Trends Driving Industry Change, Challenges and Future.


A lot has changed within the Nigerian gaming landscape since the PwC April 2016 “The gaming industry in Nigeria” publication. The gaming industry has continued to expand, benefiting from; the large and youthful population, improving internet penetration, and the increasing access to internet-enabled devices. Sports betting has slowly emerged as a lucrative segment, leveraging Nigeria’s huge football culture.

Some of the big leagues, such as the English Premier league, and the Spanish La Liga, have millions of fans in the country – betting provides Nigerians the opportunity to earn from what they love. Despite the temporary dip in economic activities in 2016, growth prospects are positive even as the economy rebounds, and income stabilizes.

In this publication, we focus on the future of gaming, highlighting the trends that are influencing change in the Nigerian gaming landscape. This is being driven by the dynamics of players, stricter regulations, improvements in internet accessibility, and the growing importance of consumer preferences. These highlight the need to innovate, create content and gaming experiences that will help companies gain competitive advantage.

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