#Leadway Mobile Office: Leadway Assurance Launches Mobile Offices to Provide Easier Insurance Access to Customers


Whenever we think of a trendy business, what comes to mind is speed and convenience – how fast you can be attended to and the ease at which you can get the service. This has become a key index for businesses that have the interests of their customers at heart. It is in view of this that Leadway Assurance continues to set the pace with innovations that are redefining the concept of Insurance service provision.

Recently, Leadway Assurance introduced an initiative, aptly referred to as the Leadway mobile office, with the aim of providing easier insurance access at the convenience of their esteemed customers. Wondering what the mobile office is all about? Just as the name implies, it is an extension of their office, now not in any static location, but in a mobile fashion. This means you can say goodbye to those days when you would have to locate a fixed branch to sort out your insurance needs. With a schedule that includes over 20 LGAs and 240 constituencies in Lagos, you can be sure that your neighbourhood won’t be left out.

So, now you can conveniently get firsthand information on all the Leadway policies available for yourself, your car, your family and your businesses when you walk into the mobile office once it lands in your location. There, you can make enquiries or just drop by to identify with this great initiative.

Are you yet to renew your vehicle insurance? Don’t pay touts anymore. Get genuine documents and insurance plans that would effectively serve you whenever you need it.

Other policies like the Leadway’s newly introduced Home Flexa plan for the protection of homes and individuals, with a premium of N1,074 naira monthly; Education plans, which afford you the opportunity to plan the future of your wards and shield their education from unforeseen circumstances; LHAPPy, which provides different levels of home cover for cars, individuals and properties; LBOSS, targeted at business owners who want to live above unpleasant situations of life, and many other interesting policies, can be gotten at the #LeadwayMobileOffice.

Leadway Assurance is set to make insurance a part of our everyday lives and we so much love this entirely new concept. Be on the look out Lagos! Your location might just be the next. Check through the schedule for the mobile office HERE. Do you have any insurance related need? Watch out. Leadway Assurance is coming to serve you.

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