Forbes: Lagos Ranked 3rd Worst City For Drivers Worldwide


Forbes has just released the list for the best and worst cities for drivers worldwide. Lagos ranked 3rd worst city for drivers in the world just after Kolkata, India and Karachi Pakistan.

In a statement released by Thomas Kloubert, CMO of kfzteile24, he said, ““Cars are an important accessory of modern life, and the means by which many use to get from A to B. Yet poor urban planning or a lack of civil education can make driving the most stressful experience of somebody’s day.” “We hope that this study will act as a catalyst for those cities in the negative end of the ranking to invest in safer, cleaner and more efficient roads, and consider how methods adopted by higher scoring cities can be utilised in their own locations.”

The study examined several factors; congestion levels, public transport options, average cost of parking, cost of fuel, average speeds, levels of air pollution, accidents and fatalities, road quality and the frequency/perception of road rage. Any traffic delays or congestion caused by temporary construction work was not taken into account for this study. Once all factors were researched for 100 cities, a final score was calculated for each.

The best 2 cities are Dusseldorf, Germany  and Dubai, UAE.

See the full list HERE