TPT International: Managing Perception To Your Advantage


TPT International Limited is a full-service PR firm maintaining practice areas in crisis management, corporate communications, strategic counselling, media relations, information communications technology and social media. The firm keeps strengthening the capacity of the company in its march to proffer creative solutions to clients’ briefs and sustain innovation and professionalism in its operations.

Led by Suave Adetokunbo Modupe as Chairman/Lead Strategist, TPT boasts of innovative and bespoke service which is a powerful indicator to its leadership in the perception management business in Nigeria.

With an office in Magodo Phase 2 in Lagos, TPT International is known for conceptualizing and implementing innovative and bespoke public relations programmes designed to generate desirable media interest and exposure and thereby impacting on clients’ specific business goals and objectives.

The PR firm has been at the forefront of industry innovations and professionalism. Its vision of providing creative and measurable communication support for its clients in order for them to gain favourable perception in a highly volatile and fiercely competitive business environment resonates well with the core values of integrity, professionalism, and human capital development. TPT is, perhaps the only agency currently in Nigeria using the Kaplan-modelled Balance Scorecard, a strategic performance measurement model in translating its vision and mission into operational actions with the aim of creating values for its clients. 

TPT is the foremost PR consultancy firm in Nigeria in terms of new ideas, strategies and the passion it brings into every campaign and the activities of its client. Without modicum of doubt, the agency has revolutionised PR practice in Nigeria with an enviable global footprint to the extent that there exits an in-depth level of synthesis among TPT and it many clients, giving rise to the robustness of perception management solutions. Adetokunbo puts it this way: “Without going into specifics as I do not intend to violate business ethics, we have justified the need to have us on retainership in places where agencies were so glad to be paid commission on third party costs. We have increasingly gained the respect of our clients and partners because they have come to see us as solution-providers.”

At TPT International, there is an understanding that an effective way of grabbing the attention of the media and ensuring multi-angled reportage is by engaging them in a captive environment spiced with informal interactions and constructive networking, hence, this has made the firm becoming synonymous with delivering insight- driven strategies within the bounds of high ethical stands.

Interestingly, the public relations firm which has become one-stop shop for clients today started business in February 1998 with one client, Rothmans of Pall Mall. Nearly 20 years into the business of perception management, the firm has grown into a leading Public Relations solutions provider to top brands that spread across various sectors in the nation’s economy.

According to the Lead Strategist, “without sounding immodest, our growth and relevance in nearly 20 years speak volume. We have been very privileged to have worked and still working for clients operating in the various sectors of the economy, which include the banking industry where we must have worked for up to six banks, tobacco, health, dairies, breweries, energy, FMCG, telecoms, electronic payment systems, food and beverage, federal and state governments, etc. We also have over 20 awards, commendation letters from clients and practice growth to show for creativity and resilience. Our real growth will be coming with some of our new practice innovations we intend to introduce soon. Essentially, we are committed to adding value to our clients business.”


TPT International prides itself in the quality of staff it has. To coordinate the affairs at the firm is the well-grounded Muyiwa Akintunde, who is the Chief Operating Officer at TPT International. Akintunde is a foremost public relations expert in Nigeria, known for his aggressive, results-focused orientation, as well as his close working relationships with members of the media, influencers, decision makers and politicians.

Essentially, the pr firm is also known for strengthening the capacity of the staff in its march to proffer creative solutions to clients’ briefs and sustain innovation and professionalism in its operations. For AdeTokunbo, “We value training and development of our people. This year alone, we are committing 20 percent of our net profit to training and manpower development.

“We continuously equip our staff with contemporary skills in PR and communication. Apart from training programmes from reputable institutions, our relationship with the Lagos Business School is also being exploited to give our staff requisite knowledge. 

“Our adaptability to the ever changing environment guarantees us a respectable position with our clients.  We always recruit talents and develop capacity, building a team of very passionate rebels who have subscribed to our philosophy of ‘challenging the logic to achieve the magic.’ One of our new offerings, for example, is organisational cultural evaluation and alignment. Many organisations’ cultures conflict badly with their desired reputation, and no matter how much they spend on publicity or fire fighting, they will keep having issues with their reputation and public perception. We have the tools and model to investigate organisational culture and we can help align or re-align.

“At TPT International, we are enemies of the ordinary. For us, there is no one solution that fits all challenges. We subject every challenge to a rigorous examination as we consistently challenge convention and proffer bespoke solutions.

“We have come to be known for conceptualising and implementing innovative and tailor-made PR programmes designed to generate desirable stakeholders interest and exposure, thereby impacting on clients’ specific business goals and objectives.”

Adetokunbo Modupe

Adetokunbo ModupeThrough share commitment and tireless dedication, TPT International has won many awards and recognitions. Some of the awards include: Outstanding Public Relations Agencies of the Decade (Marketing Edge 2014), The Most Outstanding PR Campaign (Nigeria Institute of Public Relations Awards 2011), and PR Company of the Year Award, (Top Celebrity Achiever 2010). In almost two decades of existence, TPT International has grown to ensure seamless delivery of services as the group expands reach across markets.