MAGGI’s Pop Up Kitchen


Between lectures and studying and trying to hack this adult life, is there even time to cook good, healthy and delicious food? Yes! – and MAGGI’s Pop Up Kitchen wants to show you how. Let’s remind you that cooking can be fun with no pressure!

MAGGI’s Pop Up Kitchen - Brand Spur

Everybody’s trying to get in shape and you must not be left behind! The events will have everything from fit-fam recipes and classes with the coolest food bloggers that’ll teach you how to make them. There’ll be nutritionists advising you on what’s healthy to eat and how to exercise.

You get to save money when you make your meals at home and that way, you know exactly what is going inside. Saving + looking good? …we’ll show you

where to sign up! There’ll be giveaways because awoof is sweet too!

Even if you’ve got just ten minutes before morning class; no problem, there are fast and super easy ways to make food. At these events, you’ll see how something as basic as prepping could save you so much time. It isn’t that hard, we promise. See – eating healthy is great for your brain too, so those exams will become soft work. You are what you eat after all.

These are awesome learning opportunities for the future too, so look out for details, see when MAGGI’s Pop Up Kitchen will be at your school then sign up! Then tell a friend that your glow up is about to begin!

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MAGGI?s Pop Up Kitchen

The first Pop Up Kitchen will be at Babcock University on October 22.