Nestle Nigeria unveils new ad celebrating farmers whose work make Golden Morn available to families


Nestle Nigeria Plc, makers of Golden Morn, a cereal made from maize and soya has just unveiled a new ad on the back of the brand’s packaging featuring three sets of photos of farmers who grow the maize and soya used in making the product.

The company said it is part of its creating shared value to celebrate the farmers whose labour of love brings Golden Morn to families across Nigeria. Golden Morn was introduced in Nigeria more than 24 years ago.

The company noted that part of creating shared value is supporting farmers by making sure food is available to their families and they have all training they need to run profitable farms.

“For every pack of Golden Morn you buy, you leave smiles on the faces of the Golden Morn farmers and their families,” the company said. Watch the videos below and listen to their farming success stories.

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