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The way the heart is set up, it turns out that there are a lot of things we eat that are harmful to the heart. That’s why, here at Mamador, we always encourage you to improve your diet so that you can reduce your risk of heart diseases. Consciously working to improve your diet not only helps your heart, but your entire body is better for it.

To keep your healthy heart in top shape, these are examples of the kinds of food you will have to avoid or try to eat less and less of.

10 Healthy Heart Facts Infographic

  1. Refined and processed grains and carbohydrates. The prevalence of processed foods like white bread, white rice, sweets, and sugars, etc, is such that it is almost impossible to avoid them altogether. However, you should strive to consume whole grains and unprocessed carbohydrates more regularly. Highly processed foods are effectively denatured, and they lose a lot of their original, healthy nutrients. The processing adds some new components that are not necessarily healthy, like sugars, trans fats, etc.
  1. Sugary Drinks. Sodas or soft drinks contain high amounts of sugar and sugar substitutes that act as sweeteners that are ultimately unhealthy for you when consumed frequently or in high amounts. They have the same effects on the body – and the heart – as processed foods do. Again, the healthy way to go is to reduce the frequency at which you consume them.
  1. Processed Meats. These are meats preserved with additives like salt, sodium or potassium nitrites, etc. These types of meats are pretty common – hotdogs, bacon, suya, sausage, etc. These preservatives can quickly prove harmful for the body when taken in high doses.
  1. Alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol has been proven to lead to cases of high blood pressure, heart failure and high-calorie intake.

While we understand that it is almost impractical to avoid indulging every now and again, it is important to point out that the way to go is to make the conscious effort to reduce the intake of these foods and stick to healthier alternatives.

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