Ibadan Drivers Guide


We commute on a daily basis, mostly to make ends meets and often times for leisure purpose.

However, driving oneself in the comfort of a personal vehicle is more fulfilling than hopping from one cab to another

Almost every city has gotten its own unwritten rulebook with codes to be adhered to by drivers in a bid to drive ‘peacefully’ and/or co-exist with other road users. For my Ibadan folks and visitors alike in the city, here are some useful tips to have in mind to navigate successfully through the city;

  1. Micra taxis are a Necessary Menace? in and around the metropolis. They can easily claim the title ‘King of the road’ with the manner in which they meander into every available space with the consequence(s) the least of their worries. Lest I forget, you have to contend with okada riders too.
  2. Traffic lights at major intersections are literarily on sabbatical. Hence, it’s a fight for the right of way except there are traffic wardens around to coordinate traffic. In the event that the traffic light works, get ready to be swarmed upon by alms seeking kids and adults in some cases.
  3. Driving in the metropolis is relatively enjoyable with its wide roads but driving on the snaky roads of the interior is tasking as there are special skills to be honed to navigate the thoroughfare in that part of town.
  4. Designated bus stops are not the only places commercial vehicles wait as they arbitrarily wait anywhere they deem fit to pick and drop off passengers.
  5. If you have a bad headlight, don’t dare to drive at night as street lights probably come on once quarterly.
  6. You can park almost anywhere on the road until the day you run out of luck and get your car towed by men of Oyo State Road Traffic Management (OYRTMA) which would be bailed out with a fine in the region of twenty thousand naira.
  7. The roads around town are not all that rosy as there are well-worn roads in need of rehabilitation and in some cases reconstruction
  8. Be wary of drivers who drive on ‘one way’ as they find it cumbersome to go in the right direction and turn at the next available intersection which is the right path to go through.

The tips above are basic guides to understanding the code of conduct guiding road usage in the city of Ibadan.

Stay Safe.

Feel free to drop your comments in the section below

Written by: Oluwaseyi is a graduate of History and International Relations from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. He is a social critic and he does writing as a past time favourite hobby. Having grown up in Ibadan, he has decided to join Ibadan Insider in order to document the rich history of the pacesetter state, as well as showcase its potentials to the outside world. He is a sports afficiaonado and he has always bared his mind on issues in that field through writing and analytical arguments on air via different sports shows on radio in Ibadan. He features on R2Football on R2Radio, Matchday Live on Petals FM and the PL show on Naija FM

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