New ‘smokeless’ tobacco device, predicted to overtake vaping, has 90% less toxic substances than cigarettes, tests reveal

  • The Glo device was tested by its manufacturer British American Tobacco
  • It heats tobacco instead of burning it, so doesn’t produce smoke toxicants
  • Found e-cigarette and other new generation products had similar lowered levels
  • Earlier report predicts heat-not-burn devices will overtake e-cigarette sales
  • Campaign group ASH previously spoke of the ‘urgent need’ for independent research new devices

New ‘smokeless’ tobacco cigarettes have been hailed a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Now scientists have tested leading product Glo and found it produces 90 percent less toxic substances than cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain a liquid form of nicotine that is heated into vapour to be inhaled, avoiding the harm caused by tobacco smoke.

But in ‘heat-not-burn’ products such as the Glo, the vapour passes through a bit of tobacco near the tip that imparts flavour in a bid to appeal to cigarette-lovers.
Because the devices heat tobacco as opposed to burning, it does not produce smoke or the toxic substances found in conventional cigarette smoke.

Culled from: Daily Mail Uk