Football (or soccer) is arguably the world’s most popular Sport. From the red dusty football field in a village in Abeokuta to the perfectly green pitch at the Stamford Bridge stadium in London, the language of football is universal and encompassing. It represents more than a past-time for many and for most, it is the symbol of hope and a validation of dreams.

In Nigeria, football is all that and even more. For one, it is more than a sport. In fact, it is a culture, a way of life and a lifestyle. It is a binding force for the over 180 million people and 400 ethnic nationalities that define the nation called Nigeria.

Football in Nigeria fosters brotherly love such that a football match involving either the national team, a local league club or a popular European club side represents the strongest evidence of oneness amongst Nigerians.

One of such popular European football club is Chelsea FC in England. As at the last count, ‘The Blues’ as they are popularly called has an estimated 65 million fans in West Africa; more than the combined population of Ghana, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. Chelsea’s fan base in West Africa also dwarfs it’s 21.6 million in the UK and 25.8 million in Eastern Europe.


Of this huge number of supporters, Nigeria commands a big chunk. From relaxation spots and beer parlours to corporate offices and motor parks, you will find diehard Chelsea fans in their millions.

It is therefore not surprising when Nigeria’s topmost beer brand, Star Lager Beer announced a partnership with Chelsea Football Club as the club’s official beer partner in Nigeria recently at a press conference in London. This new development comes on the heels of other partnership agreements signed with six other top European club sides in just over a year.

By partnering with Chelsea FC, Star Lager Beer can be said to be fueling the romance between Chelsea fans in Nigeria and the club. This new partnership comes with a range of club-related benefits for both the fans and the game of football in Nigeria. One of such benefits for fans is a sponsored trip to watch live Chelsea FC matches at the Stamford Bridge.



In addition, Star Lager Beer, through this partnership, will engender world-class knowledge transfer via coaching clinics scheduled to hold in Nigeria and facilitated by experts from Chelsea football club. This will significantly enhance the expertise and experience of football stakeholders in Nigeria and also positively impact the development of the game in Nigeria.

Indeed, Star Lager Beer has yet again demonstrated its commitment to creating distinctive and shining experiences for football fans and Star lager consumers in Nigeria.

Beyond being a beverage that millions of Nigerians enjoy every day, Star Lager Beer fosters the spirit of friendship and camaraderie, while celebrating victory and greatness of every individual, as exemplified by teamwork and individual brilliance of football. Just as football fans support their favorite teams and players, singing and applauding them along on the pitch: Star supports the fans as the true power behind the moments of football magic.

It is why Star Lager has since become the toast of many football-loving Nigerians. The beer has grown to become the No. 1 beer brand in the country and earned for itself a reputation of being a reference point for corporate sponsorship and development of local football in Nigeria.

Star Lager Beer has stayed true to “Sharing Brightness” for over 60 years and remains a major supporter of Nigerian Football lovers. And from all indications, it is clear that the brand is in for the long haul.