In a bid to help assist home seekers to avoid the emotional disappointment and frustration of looking for a new home; this article aims to reveal the pros and cons of relying on one technique, online or person, in getting your dream house. So, grab a pen and a paper and follow me on the journey of major discovery of getting your desired home. Searching for your new home on the Internet is much easier, especially if you don’t have a ton of spare time on your hands. Starting online can also help narrow down your search when you actually get ready to move towards purchasing a new home.

To begin with, the 20th era has been a time frame of technological advances and computers which in turn has influenced real estate. Modern day home seeker often will start house hunting online which is very easy and fast. At this point, I will encourage home seekers to begin their search with a verified real estate website. The Internet is sometimes full of scammers. I would suggest reliable real estate websites like Furthermore, ensure you have an agent who is less of a salesperson and more of an advisor. Once you find a good agent, be sure to listen to them and make use of their experience to your advantage.

However, don’t avoid listings with bad pictures. Some agents are not technology savvy. Hence, they end up snapping poor pictures. As a home seeker, I will suggest you only not consider a home after inspection.

To continue with, buying a desired house online without inspecting the house is a recipe for disaster. This is because:

Pictures and video

Pictures and video of the desired house can be edited to make it appear more attractive, false advertisement, to the potential client. This is why properties seem to look better online than in person. You will find out the actual details of the properties on inspection.
Room Sizes can be manipulated by adjusting the lens of a camera. Plus, when an image is taken from a low spot in the farthest corner with a wide angle lens, the outcome appears like the room is huge with extra tall ceilings.

Clean house

It is very difficult to tell how clean a house is from the photos online. Experienced sellers have been preparing their house in advance by doing repairs, painting and rearranging furniture but sometimes when it comes to the time to take the listing photos, they are often tired. They will do a deep clean in all the main areas, but not necessarily throughout the whole house. When you visit the house, you may find that the cupboard or servant quarters or bathrooms are not very clean. This can be very discouraging for many home seekers.

Peaceful environment

It may not be as peaceful as it seems online. I recommend hanging around in the neighbourhood for a few hours if you are seriously considering purchasing a home in that area. Don’t let the emotions of the online presentation persuade you that everything is peaceful.

It must be remembered that searching for your new home on the internet is much easier and helps to narrow down your search. Don’t forget to write down any questions about the home you like online and ensure you ask and clarify your questions during the inspection.


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