So far, only six African nations have fully transited to digital TV – Eutelsat


So far, in Africa, only six countries have migrated from analog Tv to digital Tv. This is disclosed by Eutelsat in a report entitled “Digital Transition in Africa”. 

According to the report, since June 17, 2015, first deadline for all African nations to migrate toward digital Tv, besides the six countries concerned, almost all other countries have been facing issues with the transition.

Though Eutelsat did not specify the six countries in its report, our searches led us to deduce that there are Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Tunisia. Morocco is also close to the goal but some regions are still using analog.

Eutelsat, explaining why the transition to digital Tv is so slow in Africa said: “The challenge is particularly steep for countries with a large landmass, mountain ranges or islands that typically remain beyond the range of terrestrial networks, or with interference issues in border regions.”

Nevertheless, the operator acknowledged efforts made by countries such as Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe, to achieve the transition.