NBC Named Soft Drinks Manufacturing Company of the Year 2017

NBC Installs New High-Speed Canning Line at Ikeja Plant

Award ceremonies are always aplomb with glamorous dresses, red carpets, lushly decorated venues and of course, contestants jostling to be named best in the category. At most of these ceremonies in Nigeria, one constant feature is the bottle of Coca‑Cola, ever present, refreshing all attendees.

At the Guardian Manufacturing Excellence Awards which held in Lagos, Nigeria recently, Coca‑Cola wasn’t just present as a thirst quenching brand but our company, the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), responsible for production and distribution, was recognized and presented the award of “Soft Drink Manufacturing Company of the Year, 2017” by The Guardian Newspaper, one of the foremost media organizations in Nigeria in collaboration with the African Development Studies Centre.

Emerging ‘best in class’ and standing out from the crowd is a very important goal in our operations, and it was, therefore, a recognition well deserved as we were announced the winner in a category that included other beverage manufacturers like 7up and Pepsi.

The Guardian Manufacturing Excellence Awards recognizes organizations that developed the most innovative and ground-breaking products and thereby contributed immensely to the overall growth, development, and sustainability of the Nigerian economy, despite adverse business and economic challenges.

NBC’s submission in support of the nomination included details of the extensive infrastructural investments across our operations particularly the expansion of Asejire Plant and our most recent product innovations.