Battle of Diapers: Molfix or Pampers


The market for diaper is large in Nigeria giving rise to a humongous number of brands in production.  A few popular ones are; Huggies, Pampers, Dr. Brown, Nice baby, Little Angel, Molfix, Dry Love and some other brands that aren’t as popular. Mothers base their choice of pampers on not just the quality of the diapers but also the affordability. The competition has been tight with every brand trying to break ground and stand out.

Over the years, Pampers had been increasingly topping the charts leaving no room for competition. They offer great comfort and are quite affordable. They remained at the top until now. Topping the charts today in diaper brands is Hayat Kimya’s premium diaper brand, Molfix.

According to the market report of AC Nielsen, Molfix has taken over 44% diaper market share totally eclipsing Pampers. Over the two years since its introduction into the Nigerian market, Molfix consistently challenged Pampers’ hold on the title of ‘market-leader’. Pampers fell far behind, holding on to only 37.3% market shares. The other brands were however relegated to a little corner in the market where they now share 18.4% market share.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise with Molfix’s constant urge to improve their brand and market strategy. Just recently, Molfix invested a whopping $100 million into production. They erected an ultra modem diaper/tissue factory, Agbara Industrial Layout, Ogun State. Way ahead of other brands, Molfix has already surpassed its projections of taking over 30% of the market by 2018 by 14.3%. This feat was accomplished in 2/3rd of the estimated time frame.

Mothers who use Molfix have testified to the proficiency and efficacy of the brand saying that the brand gives “babies full protection and keeps their skin dry and healthy around the clock”. Molfix with determination to meet up with the brand’s slogan “happy babies” have delivered on their word resulting not only in happy babies but happy mothers as well.


An expectant mother who happens to be a user of the brand said;

I was hesitant to use Molfix for my first daughter when my customer introduced me to the product. Honestly, I have never regretted my decision to date. I love their product especially the size 1 which is the newborn pack. On top of being a 2 in 1 pack, it contains at least 52 diaper pieces in each pack and it’s very cheap at N2000 for the twin pack. What I love most is that it has leak-proof barriers so even when your baby has used it nothing drops to the side”.

The excited woman had so much to say. She hinted that she had already stocked up on Molfix diapers in anticipation of her delivery due January.

Retailers say demand for Molfix has been increasing a lot; they also testified that unlike other brands, Molfix had not gone through alarming price increase as their prices have remained affordable. One shop owner I spoke to was not as enthusiastic as he said Jumia Black Friday has taken over the market for the season offering an irresistible 45% discount on purchase. Other shop owners simply expressed awe at how soon the brand was able to invade and overtake the market. In all, the feedback is rather impressive. The brand earned an ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate. The cost-effective diaper brand has truly warmed its way to the heart of Nigerian mothers.

Pampers is trying hard with new development and marketing strategies to get reinstated to its position as market leader. The competition is tight. Not to forget other brands fighting tooth and nail to come to the prime light. 2018 is sure going to see to a lot of battles between substitute brands.

SOURCE: Nairametrics